ArchivesSpace Public User Interface (PUI) Workgroup

In last month’s newsletter the we began the first post in a series of re-posts from the ArchivesSpace PUI blog. This blog keeps staff informed of the significant work the Workgroup is doing.

This month’s post “Meeting User Needs via Improvements to the ArchivesSpace Public User Interface” is by Alison Clemens, archivist at Manuscripts & Archives. She is the team leader of the ArchivesSpace Public User Interface (PUI) Settings and Enhancements Workgroup and a member of the Yale Archival Management Systems Committee.  Alison describes the work of the Settings and Enhancements Workgroup to date and also details some of their findings.

For more information about the ArchivesSpace project, visit the YAMS LibGuide or the ArchivesSpace blog. 


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