Staff Publications Gets a New Home

Library IT is currently working on a project to move the staff directory and profiles from a legacy part of our web space into Drupal,  Yale’s  content management system. Library IT’s summer interns, Annissa Carter, Bryana Kilpatrick, and Jhoselyn Jara, have replicated the staff profiles in Drupal. The Publications section of the Staff Directory will be moved to a different service — Researcher Profiles.

Researcher Profiles is a service providing Yale faculty, students and staff, a place to showcase their curriculum vitae and other academic work. It is supported by Yale University Library and open to any Yale community member.  Moving to Researcher Profiles offers many benefits, you can:

  • Add much more to your profile than just publications
  • Add in your CVs, list presentations, papers and articles
  • Create external links to content hosted elsewhere

Researcher Profiles presents an excellent way to have all of your work located in one place.

Researcher Profiles is search engine optimized, allowing search engines to discover and promote your information easily. Another key benefit is access to your dashboard. Your dashboard provides qualitative information about your content, from this information you can measure your content’s readership and traffic data, giving you an excellent way to measure the interest in your content.

Researcher Profiles is a companion service to EliScholar, a digital platform for scholarly publishing at Yale. EliScholar allows researchers and other interested readers anywhere in the world to learn about and keep up to date with Yale scholarship. Administered by the Yale University Library, EliScholar contains materials selected by participating departments, schools, centers, and institutes at Yale. Users have access to materials in EliScholar free of charge. Some materials are restricted use by Yale community members only.

If you have any questions, please email Steve Wieda at or Jenn Nolte at

Links to Resources:

New Staff Publications series in EliScholar:

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