New Staff Announcements

Over the last month, Library IT has had the good fortune of welcoming two new staff members.

In early June, Keith Boyd-Carter joined LIT as an Operating Systems Programmer for Enterprise Systems and Services. He began working in this role last October as a contractor making the leap to staff quickly this past June. In this capacity, Keith performs system management, application deployment and infrastructure upgrades. His first project at Yale was to work on the Avalon Media System for the Gilmore Music Library. The Avalon Media System is an open-source system for managing and providing access to large collections of digital audio and video.

Prior to coming to Yale, Keith worked for Owl Cyber Defense Solutions as a Quality Assurance Technician. Keith quickly grew in his role at Owl from QA Technician to Systems Administrator. Owl Cyber Defense Solutions focuses on cyber security for networks using a patented technology.  Keith received his degree in Computer Engineering and Technology at Central Connecticut State University. He looks forward to incorporating new technologies for the ease of day-to-day operations, as was evidenced by his June Tech Talk about using Ansible at SML.

Also, in June,  Lise Gazzillo joined LIT as the Client Engagement Coordinator. In this role, Lise is responsible for the Library IT’s outreach and communication efforts. She will plan and produce LIT’s monthly “Tech Talks” as well as the monthly newsletter. If you any ideas or topics for future “Tech Talks” you would like to explore she would love to hear your thoughts, email her at Lise will also develop a LIT brand book based on client feedback and in coordination with University and Library branding. Managing and creating content for LIT’s social media presence is another project Lise will undertake.

Lise has been designing and producing websites since there were only 216 browser-safe colors to use. She was responsible for creating and producing content for Time Warner’s Road Runner Service, one of the country’s first broadband cable modem services. She worked with Microsoft Consulting Group, based out of New York City, creating multiple user interface designs for their clients. A project she is particularly proud of completing was a STEAM website for the National Academy of Science titled, “Engineer Girl!” She has a vast knowledge of content strategy, specializing in non profits and startups. Lise is excited about her new role and is looking forward to applying her experience to upcoming LIT projects.


Keith and Lise can be reached at  and respectively. Welcome to the Team!

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