Minutes from the 6/15 UXAC

Decisions from the 6/15/2015 User Experience Advisory Committee meeting:

  • A list has been compiled to determine the next steps for the Subject Specialists pages.  The Committee will consider:
    • Including links to the staff directory
    • Indication that the departments being searched are academic departments and not library departments
    • Including a chat widget
    • Inclusion of special collections staff and archivists
    • Inclusion of degree programs from professional schools
  • A collaborative session to explore ways to present Quicksearch in instruction will be planned for the first week of August.
  • The LibCal project will be postponed to roll out in January; the LibAnswers project will be moved forward to start in July.
  • Exhibition-related information on the website will be inventoried, analytics will be reported, and a proposal for increasing exposure of exhibition-related information will be produced.

For more information, see the full meeting minutes available on the UXAC’s SharePoint site.

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