Library IT Tech Talk, May 28, 11-12 in CSSSI Classroom

Yale Library IT invites you to our May Tech Talk Lightning Round hosted by CSSSI. We will give a brief five-minute update on the topics below, followed by a ten-minute question and answer period. These talks are meant to be an informal way for IT staff to share information about initiatives and projects, while giving library staff the majority of the time for their questions and feedback. You are free to ask about any aspect of the initiative or project and not just what we elect to highlight.


The details:

Tech Talk Lightning Round

When: May 28, 11:00am to 12:00pm

Where: CSSSI Classroom



CrashPlan, George Ouellette

To provide a more cost effective and stable workstation backup service, Yale is migrating from TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager) to Code42’s CrashPlan. We will discuss where we are in the conversion process and our next steps to ensure that everyone’s data is protected.


Quicksearch Performance Tuning Techniques and Insights, Robert Rice

A brief overview of the tools and techniques used to optimize performance of the Quicksearch, the Library discovery service, which is based on Blacklight and Apache Solr.


Auditing Fedora 4, Eric James

An essential component of a repository is an audit service to log the events related to repository activity. There is ongoing work now to develop this feature. This involves setting up a model for capturing external events and tracking internal events by triggering the creation of audit objects based on reusable linked data namespaces, and leveraging the ability to take these object’s metadata and persist them in an external triplestore.


CSSSI StatLab Overview, Themba Flowers

An introduction to the StatLab and associated services provided to the research and teaching community at Yale.


Thanks very much to the staff at CSSSI for hosting this upcoming Tech Talk. We look forward to seeing you next week!

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