From the Hydra News blog: HydraDAM 2 update

posted Fri, 22 May 2015 by Michael Friscia

Indiana University and WGBH recently presented their plans for the grant funded HydraDAM 2 project . Some interesting bullets from their presentation:

HydraDAM 1 came from a need for WGBH to migrate off the vendor product Artesia which was heading in a new direction

Indian University’s use case is to ingest 10 Terabytes per day for 4 years for a total of 6.6 Petabytes of master and use copy video files along with associated files for preservation into HydraDAM 2

HydraDam 1 is too slow for ingest so ingest is handled externally

HydraDam2 will use two different storage system models with Fedora 4 managing both online/nearline and offline tape copies

Out of region copies are out of scope for the size of the collection going in, however, IU is a DPN member and plans to use that for high risk items. Currently they are in the process of setting policies and preservation levels associated with the content.

Preservation services to be offered in HydraDam2 include:

Storage and retrieval of files

Scheduled fixity checks and file characterization on demand

Auditing based on Fedora 4


Media migration (from one storage solution to another storage solution)

Format migration for risk of obsolescence

There is a working version of Avalon using Fedora 4

This was a preliminary presentation. IU and WGBH will be giving a detailed presentation at the upcoming Open Repositories conference in June.

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