LIbrary IT Tech Talks, April 9, 11-12 in Bass L01

Yale Library IT invites you to our April Tech Talk Lightning Round. We will give a brief five-minute update on the topics below, followed by a ten-minute question and answer period. These talks are meant to be an informal way for IT staff to share information about initiatives and projects, while giving library staff the majority of the time for their questions and feedback.  You are free to ask about any aspect of the initiative or project and not just what we elect to highlight.

The details:

Tech Talk Lightning Round

When: April 9, 11:00am to 12:00pm

Where: Bass L01


Request fulfillment with Aeon, Steelsen Smith

As part of the Aeon expansion we are revisiting the way that requests are made for special collections. After gathering requirements from public services and technical services staff, as well as the requirements of the Fortunoff and Kissinger projects, we will be readying to debut forms that are able to aggregate requests from multiple sources and route them to the appropriate fulfillment tool. New features will include single form multi-item requesting, enhanced restrictions, and an exciting new format.

Kissinger Discovery Project, Lakeisha Robinson and Tracy MacMath

We will discuss the efforts of Library IT to bring the Kissinger Collection into Findit via the Hydra stack. We will give a brief overview of current functionality and what is new for this implementation (the context tree, a new image viewer, authentication and access control, full-text search), and also discuss how our digital collections will be standardized in Findit.

Dashboard for LibGuides, Katie Bauer

The User Experience Group, working with Sarah Tudesco, has created a dashboard for all library subject guides. The dashboard, created using Tableau, presents a small set of key metrics from Google Analytics in a brief visual display designed to convey how people use individual subject guides. We will work with  guide owners to help them take action based on the data. We have now joined the central ITS effort to use Tableau dashboards, and over the next year will create similar dashboards for all library digital interfaces.  Katie Bauer will show the dashboard, briefly describe the metrics and actions that might affect use, and discuss next steps in the project to create other dashboards. Yale Libguides Usage Dashboard –

Legacy Digital Collection Migration, George Ouellette

As a part of a library wide initiative, Library IT and Metadata Services and Catalog Management are collaborating to migrate digital content from a variety of legacy systems into our Hydra/Fedora/Backlight infrastructure. We will discuss the process and workflow, the current status of collection migration and our schedule for future migrations.

We look forward to seeing you next week!

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