Quarterly Report from Fedora, October – December 2014

March 3, 2015


Read it online: http://bit.ly/1M39u2P

Contact: David Wilcox <dwilcox@duraspace.org>


The Quarterly Report from Fedora, October – December 2014



Fedora Development


In the past quarter, the development team released the production release of Fedora 4.0; detailed release notes are here:


Fedora 4.0.0 Production Release Notes [1]


This significant release signals the effectiveness of an international and complex community source project in delivering a modern repository platform with features that meet or exceed current use cases in the management of institutional digital assets. Fedora 4.0 features include vast improvements in scalability, linked data capabilities, research data support, modularity, ease of use and more. Download the latest Fedora 4 release online [2].


Fedora 4.0 is only the first release in the 4.x line – a number of features [3], including support for Fedora 3 to Fedora 4 migrations [4], are planned for subsequent 4.x releases. The production code sprint schedule [5] includes both feature development sprints and code maintenance sprints (to address issues as they arise). Please consider contributing developer time to these sprints by contacting Andrew Woods (awoods@duraspace.org), the Fedora Technical Lead.





We have concluded our official annual membership campaign, which runs from early May until the end of October (though we will continue to accept new project members throughout the year whenever the opportunity arises). The annual membership goal for 2014 was $500,000, and we exceeded this goal by raising $525,083. The Fedora project has a total of 63 members; this includes 24 new members and 39 renewals from 2013 members. The Fedora Product Manager will continue to coordinate with members of the Fedora Steering Group to expand the pool of DuraSpace members supporting the Fedora project and build a sustainable funding base for the future.



Community Engagement and Outreach


In the past quarter, developers have continued to hold daily meetings in conjunction with development sprints, as well as weekly Fedora committer calls attended by the broader community.


Members of the DC Area Fedora User Group met at the National Library of Medicine in October [6] to present project updates and learn about the latest Fedora 4 developments. This group meets twice annually to stay up-to-date on Fedora-related developments in the DC area; the next meeting will be on March 31 at the USDA National Agriculture Library [7].


In an effort to increase international outreach, the Fedora Product Manager traveled to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia to attend the eResearch Australasia [8] conference at the end of October. This was a great opportunity to engage with the regional Fedora community face-to-face, and meet with current and prospective DuraSpace members supporting Fedora.


In December, representatives from Fedora 4 Beta Pilot institutions [9] participated in a well-attended panel presentation at the CNI Fall meeting [10]. The success of the pilot program was an essential part of releasing Fedora 4.0 into production, and we are currently proceeding with another round of pilot projects [11] to support Fedora 3 to Fedora 4 migrations.



Fedora 4 Training


The 4th quarter of 2014 featured three Fedora 4 training workshops. The first training workshop was held in Washington, DC on October 7 following the DC Fedora User Group meeting [12]. It was well attended (32 participants) and the feedback was very positive. The next training workshop was held in Denver, Colorado on October 16 [13] following Islandora Camp CO. Attendance for this event was capped at 30, and it was full with a waiting list. The final October training workshop was held in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on October 31 [14] following the eResearch Australasia conference. This event had 25 attendees and was an excellent opportunity for engagement with regional Fedora community members.



Upcoming Conferences and Events


The annual DuraSpace Summit will take place March 11-12 in Washington, DC. This important event is an opportunity for all DuraSpace members to celebrate the successes of the past year and discuss future plans for each of the DuraSpace projects: Fedora, DSpace, and VIVO.


Plans are underway to develop and deliver a 3-day Fedora training event in the Fall of 2015. This event, and the materials developed to support it, will increase engagement with Fedora 4 and provide tools for community members to host their own training events all over the world.





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David Wilcox

Fedora Product Manager



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