Quicksearch beta Quick Tip–Format Facets

Often searches in the catalogs bring back a lot of material, and you might only want certain types, for example only online material (or books, or only journals). In Quicksearch beta these are both examples of format facets.

It only takes a few seconds to limit a search to a type of format. For example, limit a large number of results for the search ‘diabetes’ to only find digital or online material.

  • Do your search, and then go into only Books+. Do that using the Books+ link on the left side or the link for ‘see all 3,558 results.’

all books



  • In the resulting display, look on the left under the Format facet for the value ‘Online.’



  • Select Online, and only digital material will be displayed. You can also select Journals & Newspapers, and only online journals will be displayed. The final screen shot shows how a large search has been limited to far few items. To remove the limits, just click on the X next to the format. 


facets used 

The search results are now a more narrowly focused group of 132 records for online journals or newspapers held at either the Yale University Library or the Yale Law Library.

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