Quicksearch beta Quick Tip–Using Subject Facets

The Subject facet is a great way to explore search results in various topics. Now you can also combine subjects in different ways using the facet connectors ‘Any of’ and ‘All of.’

To see Subject facets you need to either be in Books+ or Articles+.

Here is an example.

  • In Books+ do a search for ‘measles.’
  • Find the Subject facet on the left. Open the facet and select some subject headings for: Vaccination, Communicable Disease Control and Prevention.

all of


  • Once these are selected you’ll see the subjects listed at the top of the page. With these three subjects your search is now very narrow, with only 2 results. 

all of


You can change this to a wider search by flipping the Change the All Of indicator to Any of. This will make the search broader, picking up more records. 

any of



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