January New Features in Quicksearch beta

The following new features and bug fixes have been rolled out in January:

  • We have greatly improved relevancy ranking for known phrase searches like Journal titles.  A typical example of this is a search for the Journal title ‘Nature’ which has long been a source of frustration in Orbis because so many titles in the Library catalog contain that word.  A search for ‘Nature’ in Quicksearch beta now brings the Online version of the Journal up as the first hit in the Catalogs result list!  Give it a try: http://search.library.yale.edu/quicksearch?q=nature&commit=
  • Another great new feature: you can now access Full Text materials like the online version of ‘Nature” directly from the Quicksearch results list.
    Screenshot QS beta
  • Quicksearch beta response time has also been greatly improved! Thanks again to everyone who reported and/or pitched in to help out with this issue.
  • All fields that display in Orbis now display in Quicksearch beta
  • Several small layout and style issues have been addressed

via January New Features in Quicksearch | Quicksearch Project.

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One thought on “January New Features in Quicksearch beta

  1. I would love to see a refinement to the Zotero metadata provision coming down sometime. Is that on the list? (Mendeley would be nice, too, but I don’t use it, so I’m interested there only on principle.)

    Currently, I’m able to save a book result to Zotero, but with an item type of Web Page rather than Book.

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