Library IT Reorganization, Enterprise Systems and Services

I am pleased to announce a reorganization of the two units within Library IT that currently report to me, and the addition of two new staff members to the department. Effective immediately, Enterprise Systems and Programming Services, and Systems Infrastructure and Integration Services will be combined into a single unit within Library IT. The new group is known as Enterprise Systems and Services. In addition, I am delighted to announce that Cindy Greenspun and Lauren King will transition from Access Services and join Enterprise Systems and Services.

These changes are intended to enhance and broaden services provided to the Library, address various staffing changes that have occurred over the last six months, and increase internal efficiencies. A brief overview of the staff and their areas of responsibility follow in an effort to clarify who you should reach out to if you have questions or need assistance. Updates to the Library and departmental organizational charts are forthcoming.


Cindy Greenspun, Business Systems Analyst

Cindy is a direct report and will be responsible for current and future integrated library systems with a focus on circulation subsystems, access management systems that provide physical and virtual access to the Library and its resources, and the development of technical solutions to automate and improve workflows and processes.


Lauren King, Technical Assistant

Lauren will report to Cindy Greenspun and continue to work with Yale ITG in support of the iPad Loan Program in Bass Library, provide assistance updating web content for Access Services, and assist with the work of the unit.


Yue Ji, Senior Programmer Analyst

Yue is a direct report and will continue to be responsible for the development, implementation, and support of software solutions that both enhance enterprise systems such as ORBIS and ArchivesSpace and improve workflows and processes.


Robert Rice, Technical Lead

Bob is a direct report and will have a broad set of responsibilities to support the entire lifecycle of core systems and storage infrastructure for the Library and explore opportunities to transition services to providers such as Yale ITS, library vendors, and cloud infrastructure providers such as Amazon Web Services.


Steve DiSorbo, Senior Systems Programmer

Steve will report to Bob Rice and provide Unix, Linux, Windows Server, and VMware systems administration, systems programming, storage, and database support for Yale University Library’s local and hosted infrastructure.


Steelsen Smith, Business Systems Analyst

Steelsen is a direct report and will provide a leadership role in supporting current and future fulfillment systems and their respective user communities. This includes systems such as Aeon, Ares, ILLiad, consortial programs and associated systems, and GFA LAS.


Melissa Wisner, Senior Systems Librarian

Melissa is a direct report and will provide a leadership role in supporting current and future collections management systems and their respective user communities. This includes systems such as Voyager, ArchivesSpace, and Aeon.


I would like to thank Bernadette Cioffi, Michael Dula, Russell Epstein, Brad Warren, and the institutional union representative Kevin Pacelli for their assistance throughout the transition. I would like to also thank the staff in Enterprise Systems and Services for their patience, feedback, and high level of engagement throughout this reorganization.

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