Valuable life annuities, with equitable assurance old policies

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  • Title: Valuable life annuities, with equitable assurance old policies, and Covent-Garden Theatre shares. Particulars of four very desirable annuities, seventy-two pounds nine shillings each, clear of all deduction, … payable out of the money arising from the tolls of the Longships Light-House, near the Land’s End, Cornwall, amounting to near £3000 per annum. … : Also, two new shares of £500 each, in Covent-Garden Theatre, entitling the possessor to an annuity of twenty-five pounds per share, for eighty-five years from the opening of the theatre, with an annual transferrable [sic] free admission. Which will be sold by auction, by Mr. Scott, on Friday, the 17th of Feb. 1815, at twelve o’clock, at the Mart, London, near the Bank of England.
  • Publication: [London] : [publisher not identified], [1815]

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