Thomas Hewerdine, oil and colour-man

printed text

Includes a printed list of paints and oils, as well as other chandlery goods including preserved goods, grocery stores and other materials of use on board.


  • Title: Thomas Hewerdine, oil and colour-man, at the sign of the Colour-Grinder, the corner of Barnaby-Street, in Tooley Street, Southwark, London; Sells all sorts of colours ready prepared (at the lowest prices) for house or ship painting; that any gentlemen builders, &c. may set their servants to work, at an easy expence, by the help of a printed direction, he gives with his colours.
  • Publication: [Southwark, London] : [Thomas Hewerdine], [1765]

Catalog Record

File 66 765 T454

Acquired January 2021

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