The man wot drives the sovereign

A satire on the Duke’s pressure on the King to accept Emancipation. Wellington stands in profile to the right, dressed as the driver of a mail-coach, holding his whip and (as way-bill) a paper resembling the ‘Gazette’, headed ‘Bill’ [i.e. for Catholic Relief]. His (gloved) left hand touches the broad brim of his hat. He wears a triple-caped greatcoat, tight at the waist, over tightly strapped white trousers, and is smart and erect.

  • PrintmakerPhillips, John, fl. 1825-1831, printmaker.
  • TitleThe man wot drives the sovereign [graphic] / [man with an umbrella] Esq.
  • Publication[London] : Pub. by E. King, Chancery-lane, April 1829.

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