The frontispiece and its explanation

frontispieceA copy of the Hogarth’s Frontispiece and its explanation for Samuel Butler’s poem Hudibras with the title engraved above the image and the text below in a single sentence below. Plate one is an emblematic scene with an oval portrait of Samuel Butler mounted on a pedestal on which is carved a relief showing a satyr whipping figures of Rebellion, Hypocrisy and Ignorance dressed as puritans, while he drives a chariot drawn by Hudibras and Ralpho; in the foreground, on the left, a satyr holds up a volume of Butler’s poem as a guide for the carver (a boy dressed only in an apron), and on the right a young satyr holds up a mirror to a figure of Britannia.


  • Title: The frontispiece and its explanation [graphic].
  • Publication: [London] : Printed and sold by Robt. Sayer, map & printseller at No. 53 in Fleet Street, [between 1760 and 1777?]

Catalog Record

Folio 75 H67 768B

Acquired January 2021

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