The fox and stork

The fox and stork

A stork with the head of Shelburne is shown with its beak buried in the long neck of a glass jar labeled “The Treasury Jar”. He smiles triumphantly as he picks up the gold guineas at the bottom; around his neck is the Garter ribbon. To his left is a fox with the bushy eyebrows, bulbous nose, and hairy chin of Charles Fox; he stands with his paws on the jar and a melancholy expression at the inaccessible treasure.

  • Author: Colley, Thomas, fl. 1780-1783, printmaker.
  • Title: The fox and storkĀ  / T. Colley fecet [sic].
  • Published: [London] : Pubd. by W. Humphrey Jany. 14, 1783, No. 227 Strand, [14 Jan. 1783].

Catalog Record & Digital Collection

Acquired October, 2011 by the Lewis Walpole Library.

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