The English general eternized

collage of letters and printsA medley print with images showing, from top left: an illuminated manuscript in gothic script with decorated capital letters with florishes in red and blue ink; a print showing a naval battle with burning ships, possibly depicting the defeat of Baron de Pointis’ fleet in the Bay of Gibraltar, 20 March 1705; a bust portrait, possibly of SimoĢn Susarte, the goatherder, wearing a turban and facing left, in profile, who helped the Bourbon Spanish in a sneak attack on Gibraltar during the Twelfth Siege of Gibraltar in 1704. Below, a second row, beginning with a print referencing the Battle of Ramillies, showing a man on horseback with his sword drawn looking down at an opponent whose head has been blasted off by a cannon ball, with the caption “May 23 NS 1706. 6000 prisoners. 8000 kill’d. Standards a great number”; covering a portion of the naval battle print above and forming the background of most of the medley, an image of a newspaper The Post Boy from Thu[…] 1706 with two woodcuts in the header, mostly obscured by another print, hand-colored, with an the image of an English grenadier, shown full-length standing, holding a musket. A third level, from the left, a playing card showing the ten(?) of hearts shown behind an image of a newspaper; on top of the newspaper a half-length portrait of John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough (after Kneller) in armor; on the far right on the same level as the playing card behind the newspaper, a numbered playing card (possibly the seven of spades), covered by an image of a military insignia(?). On the bottom level lower left, a print, after the painting Battle of Blenheim by John Wootton, showing the Battle of Blenheim identified as “Hostetten” (left) and Blenheim (right) with calvary charging into the Danube and a commander on a horse rearing, hoofs raised, in the left foreground. In the lower right, a sheet with the title of the medley, artist statement, and imprint.


  • Printmaker: Nicholls, Sutton, printmaker, artist.
  • Title: The English general eternized [graphic] / designed, engraven and sold by Sutton Nicholls in Aldergate Street, near the Half Moon Tavern, London.
  • Publication: [London] : [Sutton Nicholls], [1706]

Catalog Record


Acquired May 2020

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