The effects of youthful extravagance & idleness

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“Poverty-stricken family in bare, attic interior; man seated at left beside table, skinny dog beside him, looking away from woman, standing in centre mending garment, watched by boy lying on floor and resting on stool at right, looking up from his reading; young woman sitting dejectedly with bellows beside fireplace, at right.”–British Museum online catalogue, description of another print engraved after the same painting.

  • Printmaker: Darcis, Louis, -1801, printmaker.
  • Title: The effects of youthful extravagance & idleness [graphic] / G. Morland pinxt. ; Darcis sculpt.
  • Publication: London : [publisher not identified], publishd. March 25, 1800.

Catalog Record

Drawer 800.03.25.08

Acquired April 2023

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