The city dispute, or, Milk Street in an uproar

description below

description below

A “line and dot” series of caricatures featuring scenes with stick figures (or “pin men”), both male and female, engaged in some form of public violence, arranged in two rows, each grouping individually titled. In the first row the designs are titled: “You lie, sir!”, “Proceeding to blows”, “Friends ending the dispute” and then a larger group of figures with the title “Dispute at cards: proceeding to a round game”. In the second row: “In love I pereceive [sic]”, “Prick’d to the heart. She’s gone, she’s gone!”, “Met to part no more”, “O! Thou false wretch”, “O, Sophia fairest of all women”, “How you teaze me Charles” and “I’ll seek revenge”, and a pair of designs labeled above “The effects of jealousy” and on the left “Now for the fatal blow” and “Keep your distance fellow.”

  • Title: The city dispute, or, Milk Street in an uproar [graphic].
  • Publication: [London] : Pubd. July 30, 1817, by G. Blackman Junr., 362 Oxford Strt, [30 July 1817]

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