The caricaturists̓ scrap book

The caricaturists̓ scrap book. Title page

Omnium gatherum, no. 1-7–Omnium gatherum, 2nd series, no. 1-6–The art of tormenting–Old ways and new ways, no. 1-6–Nautical dictionary, no. 1-6–Sayings and doings, no. 1-6–Demonology & witchcraft, no. 1-6–London characters.

  • Author: Heath, H. (Henry)
  • Title: The caricaturists̓ scrap book / drawn & etched by H. Heath.
  • Published: [London] : Published by Charles Tilt, 1834.

Catalog Record 

Folio 724 834H

Acquired June 2018

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