Die Entdeckung

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A German copy of Hogarth’s “The Discovery” (1743?): a scene in a bedoom where four gentlemen stand beside a curtained bed in which a black woman reclines; she reaches out to touch the chin of one of the men who has evidently just pulled back the curtain. The scene is thought to record a practical joke carried out on the lothario John Highmore by his friends: having arranged an assignation with an attractive young woman, they replaced her with a black prostitute. When he discovered the swap, on climbing into bed, they appeared from hiding. See Paulson.

  • Printmaker: Heintz, C. F., printmaker.
  • Title: Die Entdeckung [graphic] / lith. v. C. F. Heintz.
  • Publication: [Germany?] : [publisher not identified], [between 1833 and 1836]

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Hogarth 830.00.00.01 Box 140

Acquired January 2021

No effect

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A young gentlemen sits in a chair opposite three fashionable young ladies and their mother who are seated on a sofa. His wide grin suggests that he has amused himself with an anecdote, but the expressions on the ladies’ faces indcate that he has failed to amuse them. One of the young ladies looks down at the dog in her lap, another looks at her fan.

  • Title: No effect [graphic].
  • Publication: London : Pub. Sepr. 1823 by J. Dickinson [illegible], [September 1823]

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Acquired June 2020

Portrait of a woman in a large hat

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A portrait of a woman in the rondel frame; in profile, head and shoulders only, looking down and to the right, wearing an extravagant hat; possibly a performer.


  • Printmaker: Laurie, Robert, 1755-1836, printmaker.
  • Title: [Portrait of a woman in a large hat] [graphic] / Robt. Dighton pinxit ; R. Laurie fecit.
  • Publication: London : Printed for R. Sayer & J. Bennett, No. 53 Fleet Street, 26 Feby. 1778, as the act directs.

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Acquired May 2020

Hints towards a change of ministry

“Ten ladies, arranged in two rows, with numbers referring to notes etched beneath the design, their proposed offices etched above their heads. … ‘(1) First Lady of the Treasury and Chancellor of the Exchequer.’ The ‘Duc – ss of Gor-n’ (Pitt’s friend), wearing a tartan drapery, sits at a writing-table. Facing her, with outstretched right arm, is ‘(2) President of the Council and Duc-ss of Ric-nd.’ ‘(3) Lady High Chancellor is the Coun-ss of Buc-s-e’, very short and fat, in wig and gown and holding the purse of the Great Seal. Facing her is ‘(4) Chamberlain’, who is ‘Margr-ne of Ans-h’, wearing a coronet and feathers, and holding a long wand of office. ‘(5) Mistress of the Horse’ holding a whip is ‘Lady Arc-r.’ ‘(6) First Lady of the Admiralty’ is ‘Mrs Jo-n’, with her arms folded, in profile to the right, as if playing the part of Priscilla Hoyden in ‘The Romp’, see British Museum Satires No. 6875, but wearing a naval cocked hat, emblem of her liaison with the Duke of Clarence, see British Museum Satires No. 9009. Facing her is ‘(7) Secretary of War & Capn of the Guards, La-y Wa-ce’ (sister of No. 1); she wears a military cocked hat and coat with epaulettes, her hands placed truculently on her hips. (Her friendship with Dumouriez is perhaps hinted at.) ‘(8) Mistress of the Buck Hounds’, is ‘March-ss of Sa-ry’, thin and weatherbeaten, holding two hounds on a leash, ‘(9) Ranger of Hyde Park’, is ‘La-y La-e’ (wife of Sir John Lade) wearing a riding-habit and holding a riding-switch. ‘(10) Post Mistress General and Inspector of Mis-sent Letters’ is ‘La-y Je-y’. She sits at a round table on which are many letters and appliances for opening and re-sealing them, including a spirit-lamp inscribed ‘Hot water’. She holds a lighted candle and peers through spectacles at a sealed letter.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Printmaker: Cruikshank, Isaac, 1756?-1811?, printmaker.
  • Title: Hints towards a change of ministry [graphic] : respectfully submitted to the consideration of the ladies of Great Britain.
  • Publication: [London] : Pubd. Febry. 1st, 1797, by S.W. Fores, No. 50 Piccadilly, corner of Sackville St. …, [1 February 1797]

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Acquired October 2019


A Welch peasantry

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A series of ten prints showing the Welsh men, women and children in a variety of settings, mostly in rural landscapes with trees and wooden fences.

  • Author: Taylor, T. (Thomas), active 1804.
  • Title: A Welch peasantry / sketched from life by T. Taylor.
  • Published: [London] : Pubd. May 1, 1804, by Laurie & Whittle, 53, Fleet Street, London, [1 May 1804]

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724 804T

Acquired September 2018

Hudibras vanquish’d by Trulla

Hudibras vanquish'd by Trulla

“Hudibras is sprawled on the ground with Trulla, a large country-woman, astride him fending off angry villagers, including a cobbler and a butcher, wielding clubs; to left, Ralpho is held by a man with a rope and another with a sword”– British Museun online catalogue.

  • PrintmakerHogarth, William, 1697-1764, printmaker.
  • TitleHudibras vanquish’d by Trulla [graphic] / W. Hogarth invt. et sculp.
  • Edition[State 4].
  • PublicationLondon : Printed and sold by Robert Sayer, opposite Fetter Lane, Fleet Street, [1726]

Catalog Record

Hogarth 768.00.00.02 Box 112

Acquired June 2018

All a growing, a growing, heres flowers for your gardens

“A handsome young man sells pot-plants to a pretty young woman who stands on a door-step (left); a little girl beside her points eagerly to the flowers. He has a two-wheeled cart drawn by an ass; in it are small shrubs in large pots; two pots of flowering plants are on the ground. The background is formed by part of a palatial house having a portico raised on an arcade.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • PrintmakerMerke, Henri, printmaker.
  • TitleAll a growing, a growing, heres flowers for your gardens [graphic] / Rowlandson delin. ; Merke sculp.
  • PublicationLondon : Pub. Mar. 1, 1799, at R. Ackermann’s, 101 Strand, [1 March 1799]

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Acquired May 2018

A toad in a hole

“A fat, ugly woman, seated full face on a commode, in the form of a chair.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Printmaker: Grinagain, Giles
  • Title: A toad in a hole [graphic] / Giles Grinagain invt. et fect.
  • Publication: [London] : Pubd. by S.W. Fores, No. 50 Piccadilly, Jany. 2d, 1804.

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Acquired November 2017

Gin, two-penny & tobacco

3 women, one with a basket on her head, another smoking a pipe

Three women, two standing and one sitting smoking a pipe, converse outside a shop, ‘Fine Cordial Gin, two penny & best Virginia’.

  • Printmaker: Grinagain, Giles, printmaker, artist.
  • Title: Gin, two-penny & tobacco [graphic] / Giles Grinagain in. et fect.
  • Publication: [London] : Pub. July 25, 1802, by S. Howitt, Panton Street, Haymarkt, [25 July 1802]

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Acquired November 2017