Pro-Pinchbeck’s answer to the ode

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Sometimes wrongly attributed to William Mason; the work is a Tory answer to his Ode to Mr. Pinchbeck (1776)

  • Author: Pro-Pinchbeck.
  • Title: Pro-Pinchbeck’s answer to the ode from the author of The heroic epistle to Sir William Chambers.
  • Published: London : Printed for J. Ridley, in St. James’s Street, MDCCLXXVI [1776]

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53 P962 776

Acquired June 2013

A collection of poems, 1777-1778.


A collection of poems by Philip Howard beginning with “Privacy, a poem (in 3 parts) written in the year 1777” which appears on the first 17 leaves. Another version of a portion of the poem (starting at line 180) appears on the blank sides of five letters addressed to Robert Ellison, Esq. Great Merrybone Street, London. The poem is prefaced by a prose “Argument” and a sonnet addressed to William Mason as suggested by later references within the poem.  The next two sonnets, on separate leaves, are also presumably by Howard. The first lines are “Ye, who delight your day of youth to wear” and “When to the tabor’s beat, & sounding wire”. The final section of ten leaves contains drafts of a poem identified in a preliminary note in an unidentified hand as “Poem (unfinished) on Greece & the Classic Poets, by Philip Howard of Corby c[irca] 1778. Origl. autograph ms. A clever composition.” ; Philip Howard of Corby Castle, Cumbria, poet and antiquarian, was the great-great-grandson of Lord William Howard (1563-1640).

  • Author: Howard, Phillip, 1730-1810.
  • Title: A collection of poems, 1777-1778.

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Acquired May 2012

Kien Long. A Chinese imperial eclogue…

Kien Long. A Chinese imperial eclogue

  • Title: Kien Long. A Chinese imperial eclogue. Translated from a curious oriental manuscript. And inscribed by the translator to the author of An heroic epistle to Sir William Chambers, knight.
  • Published: London, Printed for J. Almon, opposite Burlington house, in Piccadilly, MDDCLXXV [i.e. MDCCLXXV, 1775].

Catalog record

Acquired April, 2011 by the Lewis Walpole Library.