The last stage of cruelty, or, A mercifull example of Quaerism

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“A plainly dressed man with lank hair falling on his shoulders, bends over a dog, placing his left hand on the head of the trustful animal. With a large brush he applies a smoking liquid to its side saying, “Come here poor Dog! Thee shalt not say I called thee names, or beat thee, for that would be cruel!! but I will anoint thee with Oil, and moisten thy sides with my pure Linnement.” The scene is in a yard with a high paling, outside an open door leading to the dispensing-room of the Quaker, evidently an apothecary. Just within the room is a large smoking jar of ‘Oil of Vitriol’; on the door-step is a dish of smoking vitriol. Above are the neatly ranged jars, bottles, and drawers of an apothecary, with a pestle and mortar. A woman in an upper window of an adjacent house looks down into the yard; she shouts: “Ah Obadiah, that decietfull whining Cant, to allure the poor Animal, in order to inflict the most Diabolical unheard of Cruelty on him, shall not go unpunished”.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • PrintmakerWilliams, Charles, active 1797-1830, printmaker.
  • TitleThe last stage of cruelty, or, A mercifull example of Quaerism [sic] at Brighton [graphic] : dedicated to the Society of Quakers.
  • Publication[London : Pubd. Septr. 1806 by S.W. Fores, 50 Piccadilly, September 1806]

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Beiträge zu Wilhelm Hogarth’s Lebensbeschreibung



List of Hogarth’s prints and prices

  • Author: Nichols, John, 1745-1826.
  • Uniform Title: [Biographical anecdotes of William Hogarth. German]
  • TitleBeiträge zu Wilhelm Hogarth’s Lebensbeschreibung. Nebst einem nach der Zeitfolge geordneten und mit Erklärungen begleiteten Verzeichnisse seines Kupferstichwerks. Aus dem Englischen mit einiger Abkürzung.
  • PublishedLeipzig : Bei Iohann Gottlob Immanuel Breitkopf, 1783.

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75 H67 S781g

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An account of what seemed most remarkable…

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 Issued in 1872 with title: Hogarth’s frolic.

  • Author: Forrest, Ebenezer, active 1774.
  • Title: An account of what seemed most remarkable in the five days peregrination of … Messieurs Tothall, Scott, Hogarth, Thornhill, and Forrest. Begun on Saturday, May 27th, 1732 …
  • Published: London : Printed for R. Livesay, MDCCLXXXII [1782]

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Folio 75 H67 782 Copy 2

Acquired before 2002

A disappointed dinnerhunter

A drawing of four scenes, with caricatured figures with large heads and very small bodies. Upper left: A man with a monocle (right) inquires of the butler on a threshold with pillar to his left, “Is your master within. No Mr. Smallfeast he’s gone out to dinner. Oh dear me, well your mistress will do just the same. & She’s out Sir. How provoking. Well, I’ll set down by the fire till they come home. I’m sorry to tell you that that’s gone out to.” Upper right: A soldier is shot by a man (Turk?) hiding in the tall grass and pointing a rifle. Lower half, left: In a pulpit a bald minister with spectacles rants and he holds up a Bible in his left hand ready to throw it at the sleeping congregation below, ” Ye sleepy crew if ye wont hear the word of God ye shall feel it.” Lower right: A simpleton in artist attire holds up a piece of paper with a stick figure drawing and says, “Don’t you think I improve.”

  • Creator: Grant, C. J. (Charles Jameson), active 1830-1852, artist.
  • Title: A disappointed dinnerhunter [drawing].
  • Created: [England], [between 1830 and 1852?]

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Drawings G761 no. 3 Box 123

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4 logger heads, or B-e triumphant

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Receipt for White’s “Sketches of Characters … illustrative of the counties of Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, and Middlesex”, showing three figures carrying a fourth on their backs, lettered below with ‘4 Logger heads or / B – e Triumphant’.

  • Printmaker: White, William Johnstone, printmaker.
  • Title: 4 logger heads, or B-e triumphant [graphic] / W. Hogarth delt. ; W.J. White sct.
  • Published: [London?] : Pubd. by W.J. White, April 1, 1818.

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William Hogarth

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Self-portrait of William Hogarth in a fur cap, looking right; a bust in an oval canvas resting on volumes of Shakespeare’s works; with his dog Trump on the right. In the lower right, an artist’s palette engraved with the words: “The line of beauty and grace. WH 1745”.

  • Printmaker: Smith, Benjamin, -1833, printmaker.
  • Title: William Hogarth [graphic] : from the original picture in the collection of John & Josiah Boydell / painted by W. Hogarth ; engraved by Benj. Smith.
  • Published: [London] : Published June 4, 1795 by J. & J. Boydell, No. 90, Cheapside, & at the Shakspeare Gallery Pall Mall, [4 June 1795]

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Hogarth 795.06.04.01+ Box 2

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Industry and idleness exemplified …

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A writing sheet with borders decorated with scenes from Hogarth’s series Industry and idleness.

  • Title: Industry and idleness exemplified in the conduct of two fellow apprentices in twelve moral & instructive prints [graphic].
  • Published: London : Published by R. Sayer, and J. Bennett, No. 53 Fleet Street, as the act directs Novr. 1, 1775.

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[Charity in the cellar]

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“A drunken party; four men drinking heavily in a tavern, one with a cloth over his head, the others gathered round him, a fifth laid out asleep on a table at left; on a barrel at right a statue group of Charity, echoing the poses of the main figures; numerous empty bottles in the foreground; after the painting by Hogarth”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Artist: Cheesman, Thomas, 1760-, printmaker.
  • Title: [Charity in the cellar] [graphic].
  • Published: London : Publish’d Oct. 1, 1793, by E. Walker, No. 7 Cornhill, [1 October 1793]

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Biographical anecdotes of William Hogarth

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Formerly owned by Samuel Felton, with his autograph on t.p. and ms. notes throughout. Also with the autograph of D. G. Blake on t.p.

Critical comments were contributed by George Steevens, theatrical anecdotes by Isaac Reed. See R. Paulson, Hogarth’s graphic works. 1965. ii, 79-80.

Appendix III. ‘An account of what seemed most remarkable in the five days peregrination … 1732’ [by W. Gostling]: p. 403-427.

  • Author: Nichols, John, 1745-1826.
  • Title: Biographical anecdotes of William Hogarth : with a catalogue of his works chronologically arranged; and occasional remarks.
  • Edition: The second edition, enlarged and corrected.
  • Published: London : Printed by and for J. Nichols, MDCCLXXXII [1782]

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75 H67 S781B copy 2

Acquired December 2012