A view of the canal, Chinese building, rotunde, in Ranelagh Gardens

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A view of Ranelagh Gardens during a masquarade, with the revellers wearing masks. After a design by Canaletto. For an engraving of the same scene in reverse, published by Robert Sayer in 1752, see British Museum online catalogue, registration no.: 1880,1113.2450.

  • Title: A view of the canal, Chinese building, rotunde [sic], in Ranelagh Gardens, with masquarade [sic] [graphic] = Vüe du canal, du batiment chinois, de la rotunda, &c. des Jardins de Ranelagh, un jour de masquarade / […?] sculp.
  • Publication: [France?] : [publisher not identified], [ca. 1765]

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Acquired April 2022

Vue perspective du Couvent Garden

A perspective view, or vues d’optique, of the Covent Garden Market, looking towards Inigo Jones’s St. Paul’s Church, which is situated slightly to the right of center; in the foreground are shown vendors, carriages, pedestrians and other street life. The image is reversed for viewing through the lens of a Zograscope and designed to give the illusion of a deeper perspective, enhanced by the deep vanishing point and bright colour of the print.

  • TitleVue perspective du Couvent Garden [graphic].
  • PublicationA Paris : Chez J. Chereau Rue St. Jacques au desses de la Fontaine St. Severin aux a Colonnes No. 257, [ca. 1790]

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Acquired November 2017