The lovely Sacarissa dressing for the Pantheon

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“A stout, ugly, and elderly woman holds in her left hand a barber’s block, with a carved head in profile, on which is an elaborate pyramidal wig with ringlets. This she is covering with powder or flour from a dredger. Her hair is short and scanty; on her head is a very large black patch, two smaller ones are on her temple. She is dressed in undergarments, showing stays, and frilled petticoat over which is worn a pocket. Her dress, the bodice of which is almost cylindrical from its stiffening whalebone, is on a stool behind her. Her back is turned to the casement window (right) through which look two grinning old women, wearing frilled muslin caps. Over the window, and over the wall on its left, is a heavily festooned curtain. Sacarissa stands facing a low rectangular table (left), on which are a bottle and wine-glass, a candle (?) in a triangular shade, which is falling over, having apparently been knocked by the wig, patches, a comb, a paper, &c. Behind on the wall, in deep shadow, is a picture of a dome inscribed “The Pantheon”.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Printmaker: Dawe, Philip, printmaker.
  • Title: The lovely Sacarissa dressing for the Pantheon [graphic].
  • Publication: [London] : [publisher not identified], publish’d Feby. 24, 1772.

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Acquired April 2023

The fair bather

see description belowIn the woods beside a stream a young woman bather removes her last stocking while a young man hidden among the reeds looks at her with pleasure.

  • Printmaker: Rowlandson, Thomas, 1756-1827, printmaker.
  • Title: The fair bather [graphic] / Boucher ; Rowlandson 1799.
  • Publication: [London?] : [publisher not identified], [1799]

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