Napoleon after the Battle of Maloyaroslavets

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Satirical print showing Napoleon after the battle of Maloyaroslavets (24 October 1812) during his Russian campaign (‘The Patriotic War’ in Russian parlance). He is vomiting fragments of plans and charts as well as a shattered anchor. In his hand he holds a large medicine bottle of emetic labelled in Russian: ‘Emetic. Pour Mr Napoleon. Heartfelt thank you, if only to take it more often. By order of the Russian army, from the pharmacy near Maly Yaroslavets’.

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Acquired April 2023

A satire on gin-drinking

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A satire on gin drinking: In a cellar distillery with a large cask a group of male figures with the heads of monkeys and women with heads of cats are drinking heavily with some vomiting.


  • Title: [A satire on gin-drinking] [graphic].
  • Publication: [London?] : [Robert Sayer?], [1766?]

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766.00.00.08+ Impression 2

Acquired November 2022