A scene on the frontiers…

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A scene on the frontier of the United States: a Native American (left) is shown scalping a dead British soldier. Another British soldier who has already been scalped is shown on the left edge of the design. In the center a second Native American, from whose rifle hangs a sign “Reward for 16 … scalps” and in whose knife initials “G.R.” have been etched, is shown handing a scalp to an obese British soldier (right). The speech balloon above the soldier ‘s head reads: “Bring me the scalps and the King our master will reward you”; from his pocket a strip of paper “Secret service money”. In the background, Native Americans and British soldiers dance around a fire.

  • Printmaker: G. L. (Draughtsman of Port de Québec), printmaker.
  • Title: A scene on the frontiers as practiced by the humane British and their worthy allies! [graphic] / L.G.
  • Publication: [United States] : [publisher not identified], [ca. 1813]

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Johnny Bull and the Alexandrians

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The citizens of Alexandria, Virginia, are ridiculed in this scene for their lack of serious resistance against the British seizure of the city in 1814. At left two frightened gentlemen kneel with hands folded, pleading, “Pray Mr. Bull don’t be too hard with us — You know we were always friendly, even in the time of our Embargo!” In the center stands a bull in English seaman’s clothes, holding out a long list of “Terms of Capitulation” to the Alexandrians. He says, “I must have all your Flour — All your Tobacco — All your Provisions — All your Ships — All your Merchandize — every thing except your Porter and Perry — keep them out of my sight, I’ve had enough of them already.” His allusion is to American Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry and Captain David Porter. At right, a soldier and sailor carry off spirits, saying: “Push on Jack, the yankeys are not all so Cowardly as these Fellows here — let’s make the best of our time.” and “Huzza boys!!! More Rum more Tobacco!” American political prints, 1766-1876 / Bernard F. Reilly. Boston : G.K. Hall, 1991, entry 1814-3

  • PrintmakerCharles, William, 1776-1820, artist, publisher.
  • TitleJohnny Bull and the Alexandrians [graphic] / Wm. Charles sc.
  • PublishedPhila. [Philadelphia] : Pubd. and sold wholesale by Wm. Charles, [ca. 21 October 1814]

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