The Macaroni and theatrical magazine

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Articles on fashion and manners, satirizing extremes; includes theater news and anecdotes, crime news, poetry, and a monthly register of foreign and domestic occurences, with lists of bankrupts, preferments, marriages, births and deaths. Most plates are satirical illustrations of extreme fashions and their wearers.

  • Title: The Macaroni and theatrical magazine, or Monthly register, of the fashions and diversions of the times. Conducted upon a much more elegant and liberal plan, than any other work of the kind hitherto published.
  • Published: London : Printed for the authors, and sold by John Williams, next the Mitre Tavern, Fleet Street, MDCCLXXII. [1772, i.e. 1773]

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61 M115

Acquired October 2018

At the Theatre Royal in Covent-Garden

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This playbill records a performance at the Theatre Royal in Covent Garden of The constant couple by George Farquhar (1676-1707) on 22 May 1755 in which Margaret Woffington (1720?-1760) played the leading part of Sir Harry Wildair – one of the roles for which she was most celebrated. The part of Lady Lurewell was performed by Esther Hamilton (d. 1787). Other actors in the cast include Theophilus Cibber (1703-1758) and John Arthur (1708?-1772), actor and stage designer — it is likely that he was responsible for devising the “machinery” mentioned in a note at the foot of the sheet: “as any obstruction in the movement of the machinery will greatly prejudice the performance of the entertainment, it is hoped no persons will be displeased as their being refus’d admittance behind the scene.”

  • Author:  Covent Garden Theatre.
  • TitleAt the Theatre Royal in Covent-Garden, this present Thursday, being the 22d of May, will be acted a comedy, call’d The constant couple; or, A trip to the jubilee. : The part of Sir Harry Wildair by Mrs Woffington …
  • Publication[London : publisher not identified, 1755]

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File 767 P69B C838 1755

Acquired June 20016

Miss Scott Evans, who was so flatteringly received in Aurelia…

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  • TitleMiss Scott Evans, who was so flatteringly received in Aurelia, begs leave respectfully to inform her friends and the public, that her benefit, at the New Royal Circus … is fixed for Saturday, the 3rd of October, 1801 … when the new grand spectacle of King Caesar, or, The Negro slaves, with new music, scenery, machinery, dresses, and decorations, will be performed; to which will be added The eclips, or, Harlequin in China ; teh part of Columbine by Miss Scott Evans …
  • Published[London : Printed at the Philanthropic Reform, St. George’s Fields, by J. Richardson, No. 4 Lambeth-Road, Southwark, 1801]

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File 767 P69B N558 1801

Acquired July 2014