Bucks have at ye all

description belowA theatre scene; a man on stage holding a long cane leans towards the box stage left saying: ‘Bucks of the Boxes, sneer and talk aloud! I don’t mean you.’ The rotund young man at the front of the box says ‘Boo Boo’; he holds an unfurled sheet of paper headed ‘Fair Penitent. Lothario, by the amateur who murdered Romeo …’

  • Title: Bucks have at ye all [graphic] : with extempore additions by the amateur comic-tragedian as delivered at the Haymarket Theatre Decemr. 10, 1811.
  • Publication: London : Pubd. Decemr. 10th, 1811, by Wm. Holland, No. 11 Cockspur St., [10 December 1811]

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