Edwd. Orme, removed from Conduit Stt.

A trade card issued by Edward Orne announcing a change of address for his printselling, framing and stationery business from Conduit Stree to New Bond Street. The image show a cherub emerging from a break in a thick bank of clouds, as he holds a caducesus. On the right a bearded man in a cap and in a fur trimmed cloak reaches toward the cherub; the man has a snake at his feet. High in the center a bat flies toward the scene.

  • Creator: Orme, Edward, 1775-1848.
  • Title: Edwd. Orme, removed from Conduit Stt. to 59 New Bond Street, corner of Brook Street [graphic].
  • Publication: [London] : [Edwd. Orme], [ca. 1801]

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The skinning of the Aboma snake, shot by Cap. Stedman


An Arawak native slits the throat of a large Aboma snake that is hanging from a branch of a tree, suspended by a rope around its neck. Two other Arawak natives pull at the rope to hoist the snake higher. Captain Stedman, his back to the viewer, directs the work of the natives from the ground (left foreground), his rifle resting against the trunk of the tree. On the right in the distance, a man sits in a boat on the river.

  • PrintmakerBlake, William, 1757-1827, printmaker.
  • TitleThe skinning of the Aboma snake, shot by Cap. Stedman [graphic] / Blake sculpt.
  • Published[London : Published Decr. 2d, 1793 by J. Johnson, St. Paul’s Church Yard, 2 December 1793]

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