The restive Pegasus, or, The dramatic author foiled

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pencil sketch of a man on a horse
“A man in ragged but quasi-fashionable dress rides (right to left) an ass through a river which flows past a steep mountain. The animal jibs, with ears set back; the rider raises a whip in each hand. He wears, and uses, three pairs of spurs, and attached to his shoulders and to the ass is a monstrous pile of bladders inscribed respectively ‘Repartee’, ‘Nonsensical Verses’, ‘Catastrophe’, ‘Sentiment’, ‘Blasphemies’, ‘Puns’, ‘Duels’, ‘Double Entendres’, ‘Metaphors’, ‘Ghosts’, ‘Melting Speeches’, ‘Squibs’, ‘Dialogue’, ‘Daggers Poisons’.”–British Museum online catalogue, description of the print engraved after this drawing.
A rough pencil sketch of the same design but lacking much of the detail on the verso.
  • Creator: Grinagain, Giles, artist.
  • Title: The restive Pegasus, or, The dramatic author foiled in his endeavor to ascend Parnassus [art original].
  • Production: [England], [1802]

Catalog Record

Drawings G867 no. 1 Box D205

Acquired September 2023

Sheet of figure studies

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE: Sheet of figure studies

Studies of two couples and two men, most with caricaturized faces. One of the couples is dancing (?); the other is shown with the woman sitting on the man’s lap, he with lewd grimace on his face.

  • Artist: Rowlandson, Thomas, 1756-1827.
  • Title: [Sheet of figure studies].
  • Created: [England], [ca. 1776]

Catalog Record

Acquired November 2011