Engravings of an historical fact of a Swiss shepherd…

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This set of prints were advertised in the December 1817 newspaper as “A series of Engravings in Seven Parts, representing the sufferings of a Swiss Shepherd during the revolution of that country, and intended as illustrations of the Lord’s Prayer. Printed on Royal Quarto, price 10s. 6d”. In Ackermann’s own The Repository of Arts, Literature, Fashions (Vol. IV, December 1st, 1817), they are listed in the catalogue under “Intelligence, Literary, Scientific” prints and are described as “Engravings of an historical fact of a Swiss Shepherd during the revolution of that country…”

  • Title: [Engravings of an historical fact of a Swiss shepherd during the revolution of that country] [graphic].
  • Publication: [London] : Published Jany. 1, 1818, at R. Ackermann’s, 101, Strand, London, [1 January 1818]

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Acquired July 2023

Apparition du globe aerostatique de Mr. Blanchard

description belowA scene in rural France: A farmer holding onto a plow drawn by a team of oxen, shepherds with their sheep, and a man fishing in a stream, all look up in astonishment at the air balloon overhead. This print references the third flight of Jean-Pierre Blanchard, his second with American John Jeffries and the first flight over the English Channel.


  • Printmaker: Bonvallet, L. (Louis), approximately 1748-1818, printmaker.
  • Title: Apparition du globe aerostatique de Mr. Blanchard, entre Calais et Boulogne parti de Douvres le 7 de Janvier 1785 à 1 heure 1/2 [graphic] / dessiné par Desrais ; gravé́ par L. Bonvalet.
  • Publication: A Paris : Chez Basset rue St. Jacques au coin de celle des Mathurins, [1785]

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The shepherds holyday

see description below“Rural scene with two couples dancing on the left while a man pipes and plays a drum under a tree on the right, and another couple watch at a table in front of him, smoking and drinking; village in the background.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Title: The shepherds holyday [graphic].
  • Publication: [London] : Published Oct. 24th, 1794, by John Fairburn, map, chart & printseller, No. 146 Minories, London, [24 October 1793]

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A Welch peasantry

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A series of ten prints showing the Welsh men, women and children in a variety of settings, mostly in rural landscapes with trees and wooden fences.

  • Author: Taylor, T. (Thomas), active 1804.
  • Title: A Welch peasantry / sketched from life by T. Taylor.
  • Published: [London] : Pubd. May 1, 1804, by Laurie & Whittle, 53, Fleet Street, London, [1 May 1804]

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