Shakespear : poemetto in versi sciolti

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  • Author: Pignotti, Lorenzo, 1739-1812.
  • Title: Shakespear : poemetto in versi sciolti : alla celebre donna Mrs. Montagu, in occasione della di lei applauditissima opera in difesa di quel poeta.
  • Publication: Firenze : Per Gio. Batista Stecchi, e Anton-Giuseppe Pagani, MDCCLXXIX [1779]

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Theatre Royal, Covent Garden. This present Thursday, February 7, 1822

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  • Title: Theatre Royal, Covent Garden. This present Thursday, February 7, 1822, (4th time) Shakspeare’s play of The tempest. (Altered and adapted by Dryden and Davenant … Prospero … by Mr. Young … Ariel by Miss M. Tree … : After which will be produced, for the 37th time, a new pantomime, called Harlequin and Mother Bunch; or, The yellow dwarf … Guinea Pig, (Captain of the Yeomen, afterwards Harlequin’s Lacquey) Mr. I.S. Grimaldi … Yellow Dwarf, (afterwards Clown,) Mr. Grimaldi …
  • Publication: [London] : [publisher not identified], [1822]

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Mr. Kean as Othello

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 In this image, a full-length image of Edmund Kean as Othello constructed from parts of a print or prints while his costume and hat and their trimming are cut from satin cloth with additional decorated paper trimming and small metal buttons. This image is the only one of the four mounted on a secondary sheet, this one ruled as if from a ledger.

  • Title: Mr. Kean as Othello [art original] : Act 5th, Scene 3rd / made by the author.
  • Production: [England], [ca. 1828]

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Drawings C697 no. 1 Box D115

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New Theatre Royal, Covent-Garden

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A playbill


  • Title: New Theatre RoyalCoventGarden, this present Saturday, May 261810, will be acted Shakspeare’s historical play of King Henry the Eighth … : Cardinal Wolsey, Mr. Kemble … Cromwell, Mr. C. Kemble … Katharine, Queen of England, Mrs. Siddons … ; to which will be added (first time this season) the musical entertainment of The escapes; or, The water carrier …
  • Production: [London] : E. Macleish, printer, [1810]

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The theatrical atlas

Kean as Richard III, directed to the left, stands on a large volume with the word ‘Shakespear’ written on the top edge. Resting on his head and humped shoulders is a model of Drury Lane Theatre, a massive block, inscribed ‘Whitbreads Intire.’ On the roof is poised an ugly figure of Fame, blowing through a trumpet ‘Puff Puff Puff’, and holding behind her a second trumpet, from which issue the words ‘Puff Puff P’. In front straddles a tiny Whitbread, his legs and arms projecting from a cask which forms his body; he says: “Now by St Paul the work goes bravely on” (altering Richard’s words from ‘this news is bad indeed’). Kean stoops, leaning on a cross-hilted sword, inscribed ‘A Keen supporter’; he has misshapen bandy legs. He says: “Well, as you guess.” He wears an ermine-bordered cap encircled by a crown, slashed doublet and trunk hose, a sleeveless coat bordered with ermine and embroidered with a (Yorkist) rose, with flapped and spurred boots. (The figure, with the position of the arms altered, is a travesty of J.J. Hall’s portrait of Kean interrogating Stanley on the approach of Richmond. The costume is correct.) The stage is indicated by curtains flanking the design. In the background are clouds of smoke.–Adapted from British Museum.

  • PrintmakerCruikshank, George, 1792-1878, printmaker.
  • TitleThe theatrical atlas / G. Cruikshank fec.
  • Published[London] : Pubd. by H. Humphrey, St. James’s Street, May 7th, 1814.

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The whole truth, or, John Bull with his eyes opened

Caricature with Queen Caroline (left) as Lady Macbeth in the mad scene, standing in the street before two shops; she holds a candlestick raised in her right hand as she holds out her dress with her left hand, looking down horror at her skirt which is decorated with three panels with images of men and labeled “Man B”, “Austi”, “Sapio”, “Mat …”, and “Bat”. The initials “C.B” are embroidered on the trim of her knickers. Standing to her right is an astonished John Bull who holds his hat in front of his face, arm extended in horror. The shop on the left is identified by a sign below second story windows with broken glass: Wholesale Dealer in Brass Forges, Ranges, &c N.B. Odd jobs in general. The street level is shuttered, its doors covered in graffiti: Gone away, Gone abroad, Empty, M.T. The one door has a knocker in the shape of a ram’s head. John Bull stands before the second door which stands open as if he has just emerged. The windows are curtained and the building well maintained. The large sign above reads “Time & Common-Sense Occulists. N.B. Films expeditiously removed &c. Below this sign (left) is a pair of large spectacles with the two eyeballs turned towards the shop on the left and a smaller sign (right) that reads “No connexion with the next shop.”

  • PrintmakerLane, Theodore, 1800-1828, printmaker.
  • TitleThe whole truth, or, John Bull with his eyes opened [graphic].
  • Publication[London] : Pubd. by G. Humphrey, 27 St. James’s St., Feb. 1st, 1821.

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Acquired March 2017

Scene from the Merry wives of Windsor

CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE: Scene from the Merry wives of Windsor

Inscribed by artist on verso: Merry Wives of Windsor / Act 4- Scene 2nd / Fal[staff. No, I’ll come no more i’th basket / may I not go out to[o] soon / Mrs. Page. Alas, three of another Fr[ien]ds brother.”

  • Artist: Bunbury, Henry William, 1750-1811.
  • Title: Scene from the Merry wives of Windsor, act. 4, scene 2.
  • Created: [England], [ca. 1792?]

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Acquired November 2011