An inventory of all the household goods… &c. of the late Mr. Sandford

handwritten inventory

A manuscript inventory in a single hand, written for probate purposes, lists the contents of the household of the late Mr. Sandford room by room, noting the assessed value of each item, a total for each room which is then carried over to the next page. The manuscript gives insight to the life of a middle class Englishman of the 1790s. The inventory starts with the attic and moves to the China Closet, Lumber Room, and Dining Room, followed by seven pages of books, listed by title. There are multiple parlours and small adjoining rooms, closets, a kitchen and brewhouse, gardens. The china, glass, plate, and linens are itemized, and the whole ends with jewelry, a portrait, and watch and chain. The total value of £413-16-2 attested to by Jno. Hodges and a second man Hill.

  • Title: An inventory of all the household goods, plate, china, glass, &c. of the late Mr. Sandford, taken 7th day Feby. 1793 : manuscript.
  • Production: England, 1793 February 7.

Catalog Record

LWL Mss vol. 267

Acquired July 2021