A calendar, or List of the several prisoners to be tried

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  • Title: A calendar, or List of the several prisoners to be tried at the next Assizes, to be held at Thetford, in and for the said county, on Friday the 25th day of March, 1757 : the times of their commitments, their several crimes, and by whom committed.
  • Publication: Norwich : Printed by Robert Davy, by order of the goaler, [1757]

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Jack Shepherd drawn from [the] life

description belowView of the interior of the cell on the left: Portrait of John (‘Jack’) Sheppard, whole length, seated on a chair in prison cell at Newgate, with hands and feet in chains, shackled to the floor, leaning to left, looking up at sunlight streaming through the window at right; wearing hat, jacket, waistcoat, breeches, stockings and buckled shoes, cloak or blanket over chair back and on floor; broken chimney where he escaped at top left. On the right, eleven images showing details of John (‘Jack’) Sheppard’s escape from prison on 15 October 1724, including the locks, bolts and doors he broke open, the hole he made in the chimney, and climbing over the outer walls of Newgate prison.

  • Title: Jack Shepherd drawn from [the] life [graphic] ; An exact representation of [the] holes Shepherd made in [the] chimney and of [the] locks bolts & doors he broke open in makeing his wonderfull escape out of Newgate, Oct. [the] 15th, 1724, between 4 in [the] afternoon & 1 in [the] morng.
  • Publication: [London] : Printed for and sold by T. Bowles, print seller next the Chapter House in St. Pauls Ch. Yard & J. Bowles, print seller over against Stocks Market, [1724?]

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These are to certifie that…

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 Form for releasing prisoners for one day “to transact his affairs.”

Annotated with the name of the prisoner, warden, and dated 23 April 1737.

  • Author: Great Britain. Court of Common Pleas.
  • Title: These are to certifie, that (pursuant to the late act of Parliament) the Court of Common Pleas has granted to [blank] …
  • Published: [London : s.n., 1737?]

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