Theatre Royal, Jersey

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A playbill printed on silk.


  • Title: Theatre Royal, Jersey. By desire of Lt. Col. Blommart, and officers of the 62nd Regiment (Springers), on Wednesday, December 27th, 1809, will be performed the comedy of A cure for the [heart] ache … : End of the play, a comic song by Mr. C. Curtis. To conclude with the farce of We fly by night! or, Long stories … Places to be had of Mrs. Shatford, at Mrs. Viels …
  • Production: Jersey : Stead, Army Printer, 1809.

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File 767 P69B J55 1809 12/27+

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In the Free-Mason’s Lodge room

  • Title: In the Free-Mason’s Lodge room, at Mr. Cumming’s, Nag’s Head, Silver Street. Mr. Adcock respectfully solicits the patronage of the ladies, gentlemen, and public in general, on Monday evening December 14th, 1812 … will be performed … The Travellers; or Hit or miss. Consisting of recitations, singing and dancing. By Mr. Master and Miss Adcock, from the Theatre-Royal Newcastle. Part I> Excordium … PArt II. A lecture upon hearts (with appropriate paintings) … Part III. The barber’s petition … Tickets to be had of Mr. Davison, printer.
  • Publication: Alnwick [England] : Davison, printer, [1812]

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File 767 P68B Al452 1812 12/14+

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Theatre, Felton. On Wednesday evening

  • Title: Theatre, Felton. On Wednesday evening, August 29th, will be acted the petite comedy of the Young widow ;b end o fthe play, a number of songs. To conclude with the farce of Cramond Brig.
  • Publication: Alnwick [England] : Davison, printer, [183-?]

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File 767 P68B Al452 183- 08/29

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By desire and under the immediate patronage of Col. Judgson

  • Title: By desire and under the immediate patronage of Col. Judgson. On Friday evening, July 20th, 1832, will be presented the fashionable comedy of Charles the Second; or, The merry monarch … To which will be added … The Irish Tutor; or, The new lights … The whole to conclude with a truly laughable farce called The illustrious stranger, or, Married and buried … : Mr. W. Palmer will feel obliged to those shopkeepers who will show the bills to be seen in their windows.
  • Publication: Alnwick [England] : Davison, printer, [1832]

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File 767 P68B Al452 1832 07/20

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Never acted here

  • Title: Never acted here. Theatre, Whittingham-Lane, on Friday evening, August 24th, will be presented the much admired tragedy of Percy, Earl of Northumberland … End of the play, the following enterments: two entire new comic songs, by Mr. Rutherford. A new comic song by Mr. Lamb, a new comic song & the cottagers hornpipe by Mr. Rutherford … To which will be added the much admired laughable farce of the Village Lawyer … Tickets to be had of Mr. Rutherford.
  • Publication: Alnwick [England] : Davison, printer, [1810?]

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File 767 P68B Al452 1810 08/24

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For the benefit of Mr. Clarke, at the Theatre Royal in Covent-Garden

  • Author: Covent Garden Theatre.
  • Title: For the benefit of Mr. Clarke, at the Theatre Royal in Covent-Garden, on Thursday next, being the 29th of April, will be reviv’d a tragedy, call’d Alzira. : Zamor by Mr. Clarke, … Alvarez by Mr. Sparks, Carlos by Mr. Dyer … To which will be added a farce (not acted these ten years) called Duke and no Duke. …
  • Publication: [London] : [The Theatre], [1756]

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File 767 P69B C838 1756 4/29

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Theatre Royal in Covent-Garden, this present Thursday

  • Author: Covent Garden Theatre.
  • Title: Theatre Royal in Covent-Garden, this present Thursday, being the 24th of April, will be presented a comedy, call’d Love for love : Valentine by Mr. Smith … To which will be added a burlesque opera, call’d The dragon of Wantley. The part of Moore of Moore-hall by Mr. Lowe …
  • Publication: [London] : [The Theatre], [1755]

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File 767 P69B C838 1755 4/24

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Collection of letters from Thomas Dibdin…

Sixteen letters, all dating from 1819, that provide detailed view of the negotations over a very limited time period. The subjects of the letters include: Enquiring as to the terms for renting the theatre, suggesting that his figure of £10,000 per annum to include all the costumes and fixtures and fittings was quite sufficient; asking for a list of the present engagements and expenses; offering a further £3,000 to refurbish the theatre; vouching for the integrity of his backers (‘their sole motive is the placing me unconditionally and without controul as entire Manager & Conductor & principal Partner in the concern’); informing the committee sub rosa that Mr [Abraham] Walker of [Doyley’s Warehouse] the Strand would give security, expecting to take £200 for 200 nights [i.e. £40,000]; suggesting in July that he may be able to make a more advantageous offer; inviting Ward to lunch and dinner and to discuss business with Walker, and the following day putting forward the new proposal: (‘… I agree to pay the Taxes for the whole term in addition to a Rent of £9000 per An: for the first Two years and £10,000 per An: for the Remainder of the Term to be agreed on, which Term (considering the very discouraging and totally reduced state of the Theatre at present and that it will take a very long time to re-establish it) ought to be at the option of the Lessee, for seven, fourteen or twenty one years. …’). Dibdin continues the correspondence on 23 July by questioning why he has received no response to the proposition, and on the 31st putting forward to the committee a further offer of a loan from Walker (also included is Walker’s own proposition, dated 22 July); with two incompletely dated letters of 1919 to R. Peatre complaining that he (Peatre) should not have been given confidential information relating to the offer for the lease. Together with other Dibdin-relating material, including: Three Autograph Letters Signed from the dramatist Cecil Pitt to Winstone (?James Winston) and the Board of Management of the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, (watermarked 1801 and postmarked 1804) concerning his own productions, and particularly Zingara, or the Heroine of China, for which he includes the printed playbill; also three letters of George Dibdin Pitt (1795-1855 – ‘I am the elder brother of Mr Pitt the Painter – and nephew of the Dibdins’), offering his services and those of Miss Pitt-Phillips (‘of the Worthing and Leicester Theatres’) to Elliston and Drury Lane, and elaborating on his theatrical achievements, 1826 and 1830 where dated.

  • TitleCollection of letters from Thomas Dibdin, Cecil Pitt and George Dibdin Pitt, relating to Drury Lane Theatre, 1804, 1819, 1826, and undated.

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LWL Mss Group 6

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Theatre Royal, Birmingham.

Playbill advertising a performance at the Theatre Royal, Birmingham which principally takes the form of an apology announcing that the lead of the evening’s entertainment, Italian opera singer Angelica Catalani (1780-1849), is unable to attend due to ill health. The soprano’s appearance had been much publicised by the local press, hence the need to justify her absence by publishing a communication by the attending doctor.

  • TitleTheatre Royal, Birmingham. Mr. Bartley most respectfully begs leave to inform the public, that he received on Wednesday morning an intimation from Mr. Elliston, that Madame Catalani laboured under an indisposition of so serious a nature, that it precluded her from performing here on Friday evening … This present Friday, October 29, 1813, will be presented the favourite comedy of A bold stroke for a wife … to conclude with the favourite farce of The adopted child …
  • PublicationBirmingham [England] : [J]onathan Knott, [1813]

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File 767 P69B 619 1813

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Dalby Theatre. Tuesday July 19th, 1803. Wild oats …

lwlpr34629 (639x1024)

A playbill recording a performance of Wild oats by John O’Keeffe (1747-1833) and Cross purposes by William O’Brien (d. 1815), on 19 July 1803 at Dalby Theatre, the private playhouse of Edward Hartopp (1758-1808) at his seat Little Dalby Hall in Leicestershire. Edward Hartopp’s private theatricals seem to have been staged sporadically from 1777, becoming larger and more elaborate at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Edward Hartopp, his son, Mr. Bilsborrow, and two of the Misses Hamilton are listed as performers.

  • TitleDalby Theatre. Tuesday July 19th, 1803. Wild oats … : after which Cross purposes …
  • Production[Melton Mowbray] : Clementson, printer, Melton, [1803]

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File 767 P69b D213 803

Acquired June 2016