The Birmingham Register, or, Entertaining Museum

title pageIncludes essays, anecdotes, selections reprinted from other journals such as The Monitor and the continuation of The North Briton; with a ‘Historical memoir’ in each issue including domestic and foreign news, prices of stocks, bankrupts; with poetry selections.
Intended as a supplement to the Birmingham Register newspaper. Published in alternate weeks as a companion to the Coventry Museum.


  • Title: The Birmingham Register, or, Entertaining Museum.
  • Publication: Birmingham [England] : Printed by and for, J. Sketchley, sworn appraiser, auctioneer and salesman, in High-Stret; and sold by T. Luckman, printer, in Coventry; Mr. Pryce, Shrewsbury; Mr. Clare, Bewdley; Mr. Geast, Dudley; Mr. Smart, Walsall; Mrs. Moseley, Kidderminster; Mrs. Unett [sp?], Wolverhampton; … [and 25 others in various provincial towns]; and by all the booksellers in Great-Britain and Ireland, [1764]-

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61 B619

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Bristol [date] exported from the [date range].

description below

Forty-eight bills of entry recording goods exported on ships from the port of Bristol during 1816. Printed weekly, merchants could subscribe to receive these sheets in order to keep appraised of the latest information concerning the state of merchant shipping outward from the port. The names of ships, their masters, and destinations are listed, together with a detailed inventory of goods, with the names of the owners of each shipment being noted. Vessels are recorded sailing to a variety of European and international destinations, including Dublin, Rouen, Guernsey, Waterford, Malta, Livorno, Lisbon, Marseilles, Naples, Bilbao, Newfoundland, Philadelphia, New York, Charleston and Boston. Of particular interest here are the numerous cargo lists recording goods carried on ships to islands in the West Indies, including Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados, Nevis, St. Vincent, Dominica, St. Croix. These islands had to import large quantities of goods for the upkeep of plantations, the lists here recording numerous different types of cooking utensils, preserved foods, ironware, farming equipment, tools and medicines.


  • Title: Bristol [date] exported from the [date range].
  • Production: [Bristol, England] : Printed for George Worrall, Sub-Patentee, by authority by W. Major, John’s Steps, [1816]

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Lonsdale magazine, or, Provincial repository

see description belowWith illustrations (some in color), aquatints, engravings and wood engraving of a geological map, a tea plant, genealogy table (folded) and many estates, manors, castles and churches in England.

  • Title: Lonsdale magazine, or, Provincial repository : for the year 1820[-22] comprising topographical and biographical sketches, critiques upon new works, literary, scientific, and philosophical essays, original poetry, entertaining tales and anecdotes. Commercial and miscellaneous intelligence, etc. Forming a pleasing variety of useful and elegant reading / edited by J. Briggs.
  • Published: Kirby Lonsdale [England] : A. Foster [etc.], 1820-1822.

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61 L862

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The penny Sunday chronicle

The penny Sunday chronicle newspaper

With three wood engravings entitled “Destructive fire in the Tower of London”, “Ruling the roast”, and “One of the thimble-rig gentry”, the last of which is signed with the initials of Charles Jameson Grant.
“No. 51”.

  • Title: The penny Sunday chronicle, people’s weekly advertizer : an original, comic, dramatic, and entertaining odd fellow’s miscellany.
  • Publication:[London]  : W. Vickers, Holywell Street, Strand, Sunday, November 14, 1841.

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Acquired March 2019

The Macaroni and theatrical magazine

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Articles on fashion and manners, satirizing extremes; includes theater news and anecdotes, crime news, poetry, and a monthly register of foreign and domestic occurences, with lists of bankrupts, preferments, marriages, births and deaths. Most plates are satirical illustrations of extreme fashions and their wearers.

  • Title: The Macaroni and theatrical magazine, or Monthly register, of the fashions and diversions of the times. Conducted upon a much more elegant and liberal plan, than any other work of the kind hitherto published.
  • Published: London : Printed for the authors, and sold by John Williams, next the Mitre Tavern, Fleet Street, MDCCLXXII. [1772, i.e. 1773]

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61 M115

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