A picture of futurity

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Grey stands in the center pulling back a curtain on the large painting (right) addressing the three men (probably Peel, Cumberland, and Wellington) who look on in amazement. Grey says, “Gentlemen this is a fine color’d picture representing Futurity. The idea of which was concieved [sic] by an injured people and painted by a new and promising artist. Reform.” Reading from the left Peel looks at himself in the painting seated in a chair at a loom, “Why if there a’nt me at a spinning Jenny.” Cumberland, hat flying off, looking at himself depicted in the painting on his backside, “And me dying on a dunghill.” And Wellington closest to the painting that depicts him as a wounded soldier holding a broom and begging with his cap in hand, observes “And me begging.” In the painting is a tower with the British and French flags the former with the year 1814, referencing the Wellington’s successful campaign to end the Peninsular War.

  • Printmaker: Grant, C. J. (Charles Jameson), active 1830-1852, printmaker, artist.
  • Title: A picture of futurity [graphic] / C.J. Grant, d. & sc.
  • Publication: [London] : Pub. by G. Tregear, Cheapside, May 1831.

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Acquired March 2022

Buck metamorphos’d

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“Portrait of Samuel Foote in character; whole length, standing, wearing the latest ‘French’ fashions, including large fur muff, wig with pointed sides, mis-matched tights, and coat with over-sized cuffs; his outfit is scrutinized by two English gentlemen to the right; two men in background, one preparing a hat, bending over a dressing table with mirror.”–British Museum online catalogue.
On the back wall are two large framed pictures, both with scenes from mythology. On the left, Apollo with bow and arrow pursues Daphne who has begun the turn into a laurel tree. On the right, Leda and the swan.

  • Printmaker: Smith, Gabriel, 1724-1783, printmaker, artist.
  • Title: Buck metamorphos’d, or, Mr. Foote in the character of the Englishman return’d from Paris [graphic] / drawn & engrav’d by Gabl. Smith.
  • Publication: London : Printed for John Ryall & Robt. Withy, at Hogarth’s Head in Fleet Street, [ca. 1756]

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Acquired January 2021

[Galvanism, or, The miraculous recovery of the unfortunate Miss Baily]

Galvanism. Detailed description below.

A young woman sits despairingly on the edge of a bed, with the end of a garter round her neck; the other end dangles from the bed-tester. She watches a servant holding a foppish, elderly naval officer by the collar as he flourishes a cudgel. At his feet lie a set of bellows. On the wall is a framed picture of Venus and Adonis with Cupid.

  • Artist: Cruikshank, George, 1792-1878, artist.
  • Title:[ Galvanism, or, The miraculous recovery of the unfortunate Miss Baily] [art original] / George Cruikshank.
  • Production: [England], [ca. 1807]

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Drawings C889 no. 7 Box D115

Acquired March 2019

Italian picture dealers humbuging my lord Anglaise

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  • Printmaker: Rowlandson, Thomas, 1756-1827, printmaker.
  • Title: Italian picture dealers humbuging my lord Anglaise [graphic] / Rowlandson.
  • Published: [London : Pubd. May 30, 1812 by T. Rowlandson, N. 1 James Street, Adelphi, 30 May 1812]

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812.05.30.01 Impression 2

Acquired 2005