Snuff and twopenny

An ugly woman with only two teeth and with holes in her sleeve, shown half-length to left, a scarf over her head and tied under her chin, one hand around a tankard, holding up the other hand with thumb and forefinger pinched together, a small round snuff box on the table.

  • Title: Snuff and twopenny [graphic].
  • Publication:[ Alnwick] : Printed and published by W. Davison, Alnwick, [between 1812 and 1817]

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Acquired September 2019

The various ages and degrees of human life

see description belowA print arranged on nine steps showing the stages in life of man and woman, ascending from infancy and descending toward deathbed, with scenes of marriage and dying within roundels above, all appearing above a scene of the Last Judgement, with scenes of christening and burying within roundels immediately above.

  • Title: The various ages and degrees of human life explained by these twelve different stages, from our birth to our grave [graphic].
  • Publication: [London] : Sold by C. Dicey & Co. in Aldermary Church Yard, London, [between 1764 and 1775]

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Acquired June 2019

Six old women discussing their cats

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 Two rows of women quarter-length and in profile, some cradling cats in their arms, with captions inscribed in ink near each figure: This is my Queensbury the finest Tom Cat in England; I’m going to see Arabella’s catery she had two charming sitters yesterday morning; God bless me these Irish captains are terrible men; Eighteen delightful little creatures I’m told what a sweet …

  • Creator: Woodward, G. M. (George Moutard), approximately 1760-1809, artist.
  • Title: [Six old women discussing their cats] [drawing].
  • Created: [England, ca. 1792]

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Drawings W87 no. 34 Box D210

Acquired before 2002