Legal compendium compiled by a magistrate summarizing statutes

manuscript notebook

Pocket-sized manuscript legal compendium compiled by a Georgian magistrate around 1752, likely in Northamptonshire, as evinced by the sample legal forms included at the beginning. The main content of the volume is arranged under subject headings with references and extracts relating to relevant statutes: “Ale houses & ale house-keepers … Apprentices … Arrests … Assaults … Bakers … Brewers … Bricks & tiles … Bridges … Bail … Burglary … Butchers … Buttons … Callico & cambricks … Cloth & clothiers … Constables … Corn … Cottages & clergy … Counterfeiting … Deer & deerstalkers … Distillers … Dyers … Evidence & examination … Excise … Felony … Fish & fishing … Forcible entry … Game … Gaming … Gaols … Gun powder … Hawkers & pedlars …”

  • Title: Legal compendium compiled by a magistrate summarizing statutes by subject on matters relating to law and order : manuscript.
  • Production: Northamptonshire?, England, circa 1752?

Catalog Record

LWL Mss Vol. 277

Acquired June 2022

Field notebook

manuscript notebook

Manuscript, with entries overwritten multiple times in multiple hands, records farms and parcels of land between Bradford and Harrogate, now in West Yorkshire, relating at least in part to lands owned by Francis Lindley Wood, 2nd baronet (1771-1846). It opens with an alphabetical list of tenants’ names, then follows with a series of sketches of the corresponding farms and fields, with annotations and owner’s names. Among the thirty small plans and illustrations, most of which depict unidentified farming settlements, is a colored sketch of the country house and estate of Bolling (or Bowling) Hall, with the owner John Sturges’s name written beside it. At the end of the book are ten further pages of farming notes, including treatment for cattle, the last dated 1859.

  • Title: Field notebook : manuscript.
  • Production: Yorkshire, England, 1816-1859.

Catalog Record

LWL Mss vol. 263

Acquired June 2021

Thomas Virgo notebook on gardening, cookery, remedies…

manuscript notes in notebook

A notebook kept by Thomas Virgo, a gardener, in which he records a wide range of observations on the best care for specific plants he uses but also advice on thatching, the making of ice and ponds, catching wasps, building fires and other areas that hint at how he earned a living. He records many recipes for a wide range of aliments — several remedies for gout, rheumatism, and hoarseness and at least one for coughs, piles, pleurisy, and dropsy. Also included are notes on topics as varied as the Anabaptists, the age of the moon, virginity, supplies for drawing, an occasional verse, and some brief Biblical glosses. He occasionally records purchases that he has made and advice on re-using old clothes (getting gloves from old britches). Additional, unrelated, entries were made by a later owner in the early- to mid-19th century, on pages left blank by Virgo. These later entries include mentions of the death dates of several people including Lady Heathcote; Arthur Thistlewood and his companions sentencing to the Tower or a house of correction; details of weather on specific days.


  • Author: Virgo, Thomas.
  • Title: Thomas Virgo notebook on gardening, cookery, remedies, and miscellaneous memoranda : manuscript.
  • Production: Twickenham, circa 1750-1758.

Catalog Record

LWL Mss Vol. 260

Acquired November 2020