Admiral Lord Nelson’s victory : a sonata for the piano forte

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  • Creator: Mazzinghi, Joseph, 1765-1844.
  • Uniform Title: [Sonatas, piano. op. 36]
  • Title: Admiral Lord Nelson’s victory : a sonata for the piano forte / composed by I. Mazzinghi, in commemoration of the glorious 1st of August 1798.
  • Published: London : Printed by Goulding, Phipps & D’Almaine, [1798]

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Acquired December 2020

The English general eternized

collage of letters and printsA medley print with images showing, from top left: an illuminated manuscript in gothic script with decorated capital letters with florishes in red and blue ink; a print showing a naval battle with burning ships, possibly depicting the defeat of Baron de Pointis’ fleet in the Bay of Gibraltar, 20 March 1705; a bust portrait, possibly of Simón Susarte, the goatherder, wearing a turban and facing left, in profile, who helped the Bourbon Spanish in a sneak attack on Gibraltar during the Twelfth Siege of Gibraltar in 1704. Below, a second row, beginning with a print referencing the Battle of Ramillies, showing a man on horseback with his sword drawn looking down at an opponent whose head has been blasted off by a cannon ball, with the caption “May 23 NS 1706. 6000 prisoners. 8000 kill’d. Standards a great number”; covering a portion of the naval battle print above and forming the background of most of the medley, an image of a newspaper The Post Boy from Thu[…] 1706 with two woodcuts in the header, mostly obscured by another print, hand-colored, with an the image of an English grenadier, shown full-length standing, holding a musket. A third level, from the left, a playing card showing the ten(?) of hearts shown behind an image of a newspaper; on top of the newspaper a half-length portrait of John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough (after Kneller) in armor; on the far right on the same level as the playing card behind the newspaper, a numbered playing card (possibly the seven of spades), covered by an image of a military insignia(?). On the bottom level lower left, a print, after the painting Battle of Blenheim by John Wootton, showing the Battle of Blenheim identified as “Hostetten” (left) and Blenheim (right) with calvary charging into the Danube and a commander on a horse rearing, hoofs raised, in the left foreground. In the lower right, a sheet with the title of the medley, artist statement, and imprint.


  • Printmaker: Nicholls, Sutton, printmaker, artist.
  • Title: The English general eternized [graphic] / designed, engraven and sold by Sutton Nicholls in Aldergate Street, near the Half Moon Tavern, London.
  • Publication: [London] : [Sutton Nicholls], [1706]

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Acquired May 2020

To Mariot Arbuthnot Esqr.

see description belowA view of Havana harbor, with the HMS Orford at anchor, centre, other warships lying heads to sea; cannon and provisions being manhandled ashore. The beach is filled with troops and tents.

  • Printmaker: Mason, James, approximately 1723-1805, printmaker.
  • Title: To Mariot Arbuthnot Esqr., Commander of His Majesty’s Ship of War Orford, at the reduction of the Havannah in the year 1762, this perspective view of landing the cannon, bombs, provisions, and water, for the army, June 30th between 6 and 7, in the evening [graphic] : the Orford making signals to the Commodore; with the Dragon, Cambridge, & Marlboroough, lying with their heads to the sea, for the Sterling Castle, to get to the westward of them : is most humbly inscribed by one of his lieutenants … P.O.R. Sbridge / Serres pinxt. ; Mason sculpt.
  • Publication: [London] : [J. Bowles?], [ca. 1762]

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