The marriage ceremony of the Prince and Princess of Wales

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“Interior, the Prince of Wales standing to left wearing chain and badge of the garter, right hand poised to put the ring on the finger of Princess Caroline Amelia, who kneels with hands crossed over her breast to right, a minister blessing them to right, an open book on a cushion in front of him, George III and Queen Charlotte seated in the background to left.”–British Museum online catalogue.


  • Title: The marriage ceremony of the Prince and Princess of Wales [graphic] : perform’d by the Archbishop of Canterbury, at the Chapel Royal, April 8th, 1795.
  • Edition: [State 2].
  • Publication: [London] : Publish’d May 16th, 1795, by John Fairburn, No. 146, Minories, London, [16 May 1795]

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Acquired November 2022

Ladder of matrimony

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A semi-comic gift card showing the eight stages of matrimony: Possession, Rumination, Alteration, Irritation, Disputation, Desperation, Detestation, and Separation. Each stage is described with four lines of verse and with vignette scenes of a husband and wife.

  • Title: [Ladder of matrimony] [graphic].
  • Publication: London : Published by R. Miller, Lambeth, [1830s]

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File 66 830 L154

Acquired October 2021

A scene in the honey moon, or, Conjugal felicity

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“The Duke (left) and Duchess of St. Albans stand facing each other; the little Duke staggering under an ornamental basket which supports a side of bacon, inscribed Best Wiltshire. The Duchess holds on her shoulder a cutter in which are seated six oarsmen with oars held erect, and a helmsman. The Duke is dressed as Grand Falconer (see British Museum Satires No. 15596) and wears a hood with bells indicating both a fool’s cap and the hood and bells of falconry. Two speeches float from his head: [1] “In love connubial, formed to live and last, This gift records a blissful twelvemonth past We claim, then boldly claim the flitch Dunmow First of the blest, who keep the marriag Vow”. [2] I thought the flitch to small a present on this auspicious day so I have brought the Gammon with it Love. The Duchess answers: Thanks for your Bacon Duke well have you Saved it – and in return accept of this small Testimony of my affection. She wears Court dress, coronet, and feathers. The boatmen wear yellow and green liveries, and on the prow is a falcon’s head; the back of the seat in the stern is decorated with a falcon perched on a melon resting on a heap of sovereigns. In the foreground are spectators: on the left the Dukes of Cumberland (wearing his hat) and Sussex stand together with Prince Leopold behind them; on the right is Sir Francis Burdett (son-in-law of Coutts), very thin, surprised, and displeased. In the background are other spectators, their heads concealed by the boat, and on the right a group of singers, some in Tyrolean costume, with (?) Braham and Miss Stephens; they sing: a boat a boat.”–British Museum online catalogue.


  • Printmaker: Heath, William, 1795-1840, printmaker.
  • Title: A scene in the honey moon, or, Conjugal felicity [graphic] / [man with an umbrella] Esqr. del.
  • Publication: [London] : Pub. by T. McLean, 26 Haymarket …, [1828?]

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University for Rational Amusement: Casino, No. 43

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  • Title: University for Rational Amusement: Casino, No. 43, Great Marlborough-Street, on Friday the 19th instant will be held, the sixth meeting of The Female Parliament. The debates to be carried on by Ladies only, to commence with an exordium from the Chair, by a Lady. …
  • Publication: [London] : [publisher not identified], [1780]

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File 63 780 Un58

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ll faut des epoux assortis dans les liens du mariage

see description below“Husband and wife dressing in a bedroom, the tent-shaped bed-curtains forming a background. The woman is thin and has a mole on her face, the man broad, but their deficiencies are similar. She stands (left), about to raise her shift and adjust false posteriors. A false bust, false teeth, and wig, simulating natural curls, are on the table behind her, on which are also the man’s wig and an eye in a tumbler of water. Both are bald. He sits (right) in shirt and breeches, about to put on a pair of stockings with false calves of fleece. Both register sour dissatisfaction with themselves and each other.”–British Museum online catalogue, description of an earlier state.

  • Title: ll faut des epoux assortis dans les liens du mariage [graphic] = Persons in wedlock should be properly matched.
  • Publication: London : Pub. Jan. 20, 1820 by S.W. Fores, 50 Piccadilly, [20 January 1820]

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Acquired June 2019

Maternal management, or, A plot discovered

The plot hatched by a mother to marry her daughter to an old wealthy colonel is discovered. Both the mother and daughter are fashionably dressed in large dressess, hats and large sleeves. The mother stands on a veranda looking down at her daughter seated with a portfolio in her lap; she turns back to look at her mother raising a lorgnette to look up at her. In the speech balloon above her head, the mother is shown to say, “Julia, love, as Colonel Ingot has amassed a vast fortune in India, I really think him worth your attention. I have sent to the Music Seller for every thing Indian. Sing nothing else love, if you can bear a couple of Cashmeres on do & complain of the chilliness of the Climate, look into Guthrie for a few hard Bengal names & at dinner eat nothing but a little Currey, you can have refreshments in your dressing room love. The daughter smiles up at her mother, and says, “Very well Ma, but you don’t think he’d last long?” Below them, under the rose-coverd trellis the elderly colonel looks horrified at what he hears.

  • Printmaker: Heath, William, 1795-1840, printmaker.
  • Title: Maternal management, or, A plot discovered [graphic].
  • Publication: London : Published by Thos. McLean, 26 Haymarket, 1829.

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Acquired October 2018

The stolen marriages, or, Trips to Scotland

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  • Title: The stolen marriages, or, Trips to Scotland : containing the history of Mr. Smith and Miss S. Green, Mr. James and Miss Lamb, and of Mr. King and Miss Henrietta ; to which is added, A practical essay on old maids.
  • Published: [London?] : Printed and sold by A. Hambleton, [not before 1760]

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63 760 St875

Acquired April 2013