All in one day, 4 £20,000, Octr. 5th

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Woodcut illustration of a hot air balloon with two flag-waving gentlemen seated in the basket. The flag to the left reads “No blanks”; the flag to the right, “All money.”

  • Title: All in one day, 4 £20,000, Octr. 5th … : a great variety of numbers are selling by Hazard & Co., the contractors, 93, Royal Exchange; 26 Cornhill; 324 Oxford-St., who sold three £20,000 last lottery.
  • Publication: [London] : [publisher not identified], [ca. 1825]

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File 66 825 Al416

Acquired September 2021

Tomkin’s Picture Lottery

  • Author: Tomkin’s Picture Lottery.
  • Title: Tomkin’s Picture Lottery. : One half of the tickets are printed in black, and the other half in red ink; and the drawing is so arranged, that one colour must be all prizes, and the other collour all blanks; so that the purchaser of a red ticket and a black ticket is sure to gain a prize. Tickets three guineas each, to be had at the exhibition, Nos. 53 and 54, New Bond-Street, (where the prizes are exhibited gratis,) and at all the lottery offices. Schedule of the prizes. …
  • Publication: [London, England] : [publisher not identified], [1821]

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File 66 821 T658

Acquired October 2019