Letter : Wadham College [Oxford], to his sister Molly

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Summary:A descriptive first-hand account of the famed murder trial of Mary Blandy, who in 1752 stood accused of poisoning her invalid father with white arsenic in his food, on the instructions of her aspiring lover, William Henry Cranstoun, who was, unbeknownst to her, already in possession of a wife, but was hungry for the £10,000 Miss Blandy was due to inherit. The trial, conducted in Oxford, continued for some eleven and a half hours without respite, and saw Mary condemned to death. The ‘fair parricide’, as she was known, was hanged on 6 April 1752, her last words being ‘Gentlemen, don’t hang me high for the sake of decency’. Stillingfleet watched the whole trial, remarking ‘I feel the effects of being at it yet for I was almost squeez’d to death in the crowd’. While admiring Blandy’s speech as ‘very fine & very artfully drawn up’, his own verdict on the case is unambiguous: ‘I never heard of a more premeditated piece of cruelty’.

  • AuthorStillingfleet, Edward, -1795.
  • TitleLetter : Wadham College [Oxford], to his sister Molly, 1752 March 5.

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A street accident


A dustman bends over a large woman who has fallen and lifts her by placing his hands under her arms. She looks up angerly and shakes her fist at the dustman’s young assistant in an apron who looks on (left) with a smile and hand raised. Two dogs jump around the group.

  • CreatorNixon, John, -1818, artist.
  • Title[A street accident] [art original].
  • Production[England], [not before 1804]

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Drawings N736 no. 6

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Seizure of the ship Industry by a conspiracy


  • TitleSeizure of the ship Industry by a conspiracy and the consequent sufferings of Capt. James Fox and his companions : their captivity among the Esquimaux Indians in North America and the miraculous escape of the captain : the disasters which attended the mutineers : interspersed with anecdotes, descriptions, &c. : also, the providential escape and sufferings of Captain Boyce in the year 1727.
  • PublishedLondon : Printed for Thomas Tegg, 111 Cheapside, [1810?]

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At Exeter Cathedral


A large, masculine-looking woman with spectacles and a hat, stands before stool on which sits an open book of music. She holds in her right hand a baton which rests on the open page.

  • CreatorNixon, John, -1818, artist.
  • TitleAt Exeter Cathedral [art original] / J.N. 1809.
  • Production[England, 1809]

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Drawings N736 no. 5

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The Universal magazine of knowledge and pleasure


  • TitleThe Universal magazine of knowledge and pleasure : containing news, letters, debates, poetry, music, biography, history, geography … and other arts and sciences, which may render it instructive and entertaining to gentry, merchants, farmers, and tradesmen. To which occasionally will be added an impartial account of books in several languages, and of the state of learning in Europe, also of the stage, new opera’s, plays, and oratorio’s.
  • PublishedLondon : J. Hinton, 1747-1803.

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61 Un4 vol. 84

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