The case of the navigation and trade of King’s Lynn


  • TitleThe case of the navigation and trade of King’s Lynn, in Norfolk, with respect to the state of the navigation, and the manner of carrying on the trade both before and since the works of the adventurers, who, in consideration of ninety-five thousand acres, undertook the draining of the fens, now called Bedford Level.
  • Published[London?] : [s.n.], [1777]

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644 777 C337

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Plan of a regular coffee plantation


The engravings are believed to have based on drawings by the author J.G. Stedman, two of the early plates acknowledging the attribution. Stedman was a friend of William Blake who may have assisted Stedman, an amateur artist.

  • PrintmakerConder, Thomas, 1746 or 1747-1831, printmaker.
  • TitlePlan of a regular coffee plantation [graphic] / T. Conder sculpsit.
  • PublishedLondon : Published Decr. 1st, 1791 by J. Johnson. St. Paul’s Church Yard, [1 December 1791]

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Beiträge zu Wilhelm Hogarth’s Lebensbeschreibung



List of Hogarth’s prints and prices

  • Author: Nichols, John, 1745-1826.
  • Uniform Title: [Biographical anecdotes of William Hogarth. German]
  • TitleBeiträge zu Wilhelm Hogarth’s Lebensbeschreibung. Nebst einem nach der Zeitfolge geordneten und mit Erklärungen begleiteten Verzeichnisse seines Kupferstichwerks. Aus dem Englischen mit einiger Abkürzung.
  • PublishedLeipzig : Bei Iohann Gottlob Immanuel Breitkopf, 1783.

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75 H67 S781g

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Blanchisseuse des Indes Occidentales


Three West Indian washer women sit or stand in or near a stream. The one on land balances a basket of clean wash on her head and a baby strapped to her back.

  • PrintmakerRuotte, Louis Charles, 1754-1806, printmaker.
  • TitleBlanchisseuse des Indes Occidentales [graphic] = The West India washer-woman / A. Brunias pinxt. ; L. Ruotte direxit.
  • PublishedA Paris : Chez Depeuille, rue St. Denis, la boutique attenant St. Jacques l’Hopital, No. 416 et au Palais Royal, au Pavillon près le bassin, [ca. 1770?]

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The countryman’s guide to London, or, Villainy detected


  • TitleThe countryman’s guide to London, or, Villainy detected : being a clear discovery of all the various tricks and frauds that are daily practiced in that great city.
  • PublishedLondon : Printed for J. Cooke, at the Shakespear’s Head in Pater-Noster-Row, [1775?]

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646 775 C855

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This plate (representing a negroes dance in the island of Dominica)


A couple dance together under a lush tree with large fruit hanging from its branches. They are accompanied by two men playing instruments, a drum and tambourine as one woman claps along to the music. Others, including a small girl, stand and converse.

  • PrintmakerBrunias, Agostino, 1730-1796, printmaker, artist.
  • TitleThis plate (representing a negroes dance in the island of Dominica) is humbly dedicated to the Honble. Charles O’Hara, Brigadier General of His Majesty’s Army in America …. by his most obedt. & devoted servt.                 A. Brunias [graphic] / A. Brunias pinxt. et sculpt.
  • PublishedLondon : Published 15 Feby. 1779 by the proprietor N […] Broad Street, [15 February 1779]

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Female quadroon slave of Surinam


A young quadroon (person of one quarter black ancestry) shown full-length standing on a shore beside a blooming bush, holding her hat on with her right hand and a handkerchief in her left. Two women are shown in the distance on the left. The one (a slave) holds a large umbrella over her mistress walking ahead of her.

  • PrintmakerPerry, John, active 1791-1812, printmaker.
  • TitleFemale quadroon slave of Surinam [graphic] / Perry sculp.
  • Published[London : J. Johnson, 1 December 1792]

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A rebel negro armed & on his guard


A black rebel holds a musket in his right hand as he turns to his left looking up apprehensively. Around his waist is a bandolier with a pouch and a hatchet. At his feet is the skull of a human head. Behind him on the right in the distance are two blacks running in the brush, also armed with rifles.

  • Printmaker: Bartolozzi, Francesco, 1727-1815, printmaker.
  • TitleA rebel negro armed & on his guard [graphic] / Bartolozzi sculpt.
  • PublishedLondon : Published Decr. 1st 1794 by J. Johnson, St. Paul’s Church Yard, [1 December 1794]

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The skinning of the Aboma snake, shot by Cap. Stedman


An Arawak native slits the throat of a large Aboma snake that is hanging from a branch of a tree, suspended by a rope around its neck. Two other Arawak natives pull at the rope to hoist the snake higher. Captain Stedman, his back to the viewer, directs the work of the natives from the ground (left foreground), his rifle resting against the trunk of the tree. On the right in the distance, a man sits in a boat on the river.

  • PrintmakerBlake, William, 1757-1827, printmaker.
  • TitleThe skinning of the Aboma snake, shot by Cap. Stedman [graphic] / Blake sculpt.
  • Published[London : Published Decr. 2d, 1793 by J. Johnson, St. Paul’s Church Yard, 2 December 1793]

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Indian female of the Arrowauka Nation


A young Arawak native American woman, shown full-length and wearing a beaded apron and standing with her rigth foot posed on a small rock. She holds a parrot held high in her right hand and a bow and arrow in her left. On the left in the distance another Arawak is shown ready to shoot his his arrow.

  • Printmaker: Benedetti, Michele, 1745-1810, printmaker.
  • TitleIndian female of the Arrowauka Nation [graphic] / Benedetti sculp.
  • PublishedLondon : Published Decr. 1st, 1792, by J. Johnson, St. Paul’s Church Yard, [1 December 1792]

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