Going to court he’s arrested at St. James’s Gate

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“Piracy of plate IV of Hogarth’s Rake’s Progress with considerable differences: a scene in St James’s Street with the Rake (here named Ramble) emerging from a sedan-chair to be arrested for debt; figures in the foreground include a Welshman, probably the creditor, honouring St David’s day (March 1st) with a leek in his hat, “Nanny” offering a handful of money to reprieve her former lover, and a lamp-lighter carelessly spilling oil on the Rake’s coat; in the distance to left, a group of street-boys point to “Taffy”, a mannikin, perched on a lamp-post, and beyond the gate of St James’s Palace.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Printmaker: Bowles, Thomas, -1767, printmaker.
  • Title: Going to court he’s arrested at St. James’s Gate [graphic].
  • Publication: [London] : [John Bowles], [1735]

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Hogarth 735.00.00.20+ Box 200

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Norfolk Association for the preservation of the game

Norfolk Association for the preservation of the game

  • Author: Norfolk Association for the Preservation of the Game (Norfolk, England)
  • Title: Norfolk Association for the preservation of the game. May 5th, 1788.
  • Publication: [Norwich?] : [publisher not identified], [1788]

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File 644 788 N763

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The doctors in labour

Print with twelve panels relating to the affair of Mary Toft

Print with twelve panels relating to the affair of Mary Toft, “the rabbit breeder”: from top left, she is held aloft by two men and a Harlequin or Merry Andrew, she has a rabbit in either hand; she pursues a rabbit while working in a field; she dreams of being impregnated by rabbit, Cupid is shown on a cloud beside her bed holding a rabbit in either hand; she is seated in a chair attended by two women while the two men and Harlequin discuss the monstrous birth; Harlequin demonstrates that he can express milk from her breast; Harlequin feels “the rabbets leapin in her belly” while two men look on; she sits on the edge of a bed and Harlequin kneels to seize a rabbit that emerges from her skirts while a doctor raises his hands in surprise, wishing to anatomize the animal; Harlequin stands behind a table holding a balance in which he weighs dung removed from the rabbit explaining to two men that this will allow him to judge whether the animal had “breath’d in air”; doctors and midwives discuss the phenomenon around a table and Harlequin enters claiming that the birth must be “praeternatural”; a crowd of gentlemen are welcomed to the bagnio in Leicester Square where Toft is housed; two men spy from the door to Toft’s room as another hands her a dead rabbit; Toft, weeping, is led away to Bridewell by two constables while Harlequin “sits upon Repenting stool, Cursing his fate in being made a Fool. See British Museum online catalogue.

  • Title: The doctors in labour, or, A new whim wham from Guildford [graphic] : being a representation of [the] frauds by which [the] Godliman woman, carried on her pretended rabbit breeding; also of [the] simplicity of our doctors, by which they assisted to carry on that imposture discover’d their own skill, & contributed to [the] Mirth, of His Majesties liege subjects.
  • Published: [London?] : [publisher not identified], [1726]

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A proposal for regulating the nightly watch

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  • Title: A proposal for regulating the nightly watch within the city and liberty of Westminster, and to make those that are now of little service, and a great burthen upon the housholders, the most useful men and the best night-guard in the kingdom ; and to prevent the frequent robberies and riots committed in the streets.
  • Published: [London?] : [s.n.], [1755?]

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File 652 755 P965

Acquired April 2013