Field notebook

manuscript notebook

Manuscript, with entries overwritten multiple times in multiple hands, records farms and parcels of land between Bradford and Harrogate, now in West Yorkshire, relating at least in part to lands owned by Francis Lindley Wood, 2nd baronet (1771-1846). It opens with an alphabetical list of tenants’ names, then follows with a series of sketches of the corresponding farms and fields, with annotations and owner’s names. Among the thirty small plans and illustrations, most of which depict unidentified farming settlements, is a colored sketch of the country house and estate of Bolling (or Bowling) Hall, with the owner John Sturges’s name written beside it. At the end of the book are ten further pages of farming notes, including treatment for cattle, the last dated 1859.

  • Title: Field notebook : manuscript.
  • Production: Yorkshire, England, 1816-1859.

Catalog Record

LWL Mss vol. 263

Acquired June 2021

In consequence of the arrangements about to take place…

description below

An order from W. Sadler, Agent, regarding the crops on the Dowager Lady Bolton’s tenant farms.

  • Title: In consequence of the arrangements about to take place upon the Dowager Lady Bolton’s estates, numerous circumstances will occur respecting away-going crops, removal of hay, manure &c. &c. …
  • Publication: Leyburn : Bell and Fall, printers, [1812]

Catalog Record

File 66 812 In35

Acquired May 2021