Houghton family leases and library catalogue

manuscript volume

A manuscript in an unidentified hand, containing nine detailed leases given by John Houghton of Bramerton during the 1750s and 1760s, five with maps of the properties concerned, written in the same hand and dated 1756 to 1763. All of the maps were “copied 1764,” but each referencing earlier surveys done between 1728 and 1742.
At the back of the volume and turned over, written on the first four leaves in a different unidentified hand is a library catalog with the heading “Folio, a catalogue of 95 titles (104 volumes) on pages ruled with four columns. The number of the volume is recorded in the first column, the author’s last name and title or just the title in the second column, and the place and date of publication in the third and fourth column, respectively. Titles include literature, religion, geography, history, dictionaries, travel, and legal works, mostly in English or English translation but also several in French. There are also references to a manuscript journal.

  • Author: Houghton family, of Bramerton Hall.
  • Title: Houghton family leases and library catalogue : manuscript.
  • Production: Bramerton, England, between 1750 and 1763?

Catalog Record

LWL Mss Vol. 287

Acquired September 2023

Useful and legal information to purchasers & possessors of estates

Title Page: Useful and legal information to purchasers & possessors of estates

  • Author: Trusler, John, 1735-1820.
  • Title: Useful and legal information to purchasers & possessors of estates, houses, annuities, advowsons, mortgages, tontines, loans, &c : their comparative value, security, & attendant expences; with the most advantageous modes of investing money; together with every necessary table for calculation. Particularly useful to conveyancers / by the Rev. Dr. Trusler.
  • Published: Bath : Printed by Keenes’, 7, Kingsmead-Street; and sold by A. Whellier, No. 3, Paternoster-Row, London; where may be had, gratis, catalogues of all Dr. Trusler’s useful and elementary publications, [not after 1812].

Catalog Record

Acquired February 2012