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Two men stand on the sidewalk under a street lamp, one of whom is a dustman with a pipe sticking out of his cap who asks the other, a large tradesman in an apron about his emaciated, muzzled dog. The dialogue below the title reads: I say Joe, what makes you Muzzle Brutus? Vy he’s such a beggar for grub, he’d spile his shape in 5 minnits if it was off, and he only got sight of a butcher’s shop

  • Title: Symmetry [graphic].
  • Publication: [London] : Published by G. Tregear, 123 Cheapside, London, [not after 1833]

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Acquired February 2022

William Darton, bookseller

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A view from the street of the bookseller William Darton’s shop at No. 58 Holborn in London, with the shop window filled with prints and books. Above the windows Darton advertises the scope of his wares: “Books in all languages on the arts, sciences &c.; Maps, plans, charts, prints & games; Works of merit soon as published. A woman and two children are shown looking in the windows while a second woman and child are shown entering the shop. A horse-drawn carriage enters the scene from the right. On the left, a man sits beside a lamppost with a basker and dog at his side.

  • Title: William Darton, bookseller [graphic].
  • Publication: London : William Darton, 58, Holborn Hill, 1822, where may be had maps and prints wholesale, [1822]

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File 66 822 W716

Acquired November 2021

Going to court he’s arrested at St. James’s Gate

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“Piracy of plate IV of Hogarth’s Rake’s Progress with considerable differences: a scene in St James’s Street with the Rake (here named Ramble) emerging from a sedan-chair to be arrested for debt; figures in the foreground include a Welshman, probably the creditor, honouring St David’s day (March 1st) with a leek in his hat, “Nanny” offering a handful of money to reprieve her former lover, and a lamp-lighter carelessly spilling oil on the Rake’s coat; in the distance to left, a group of street-boys point to “Taffy”, a mannikin, perched on a lamp-post, and beyond the gate of St James’s Palace.”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Printmaker: Bowles, Thomas, -1767, printmaker.
  • Title: Going to court he’s arrested at St. James’s Gate [graphic].
  • Publication: [London] : [John Bowles], [1735]

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Hogarth 735.00.00.20+ Box 200

Acquired January 2021